2018 brought many issues with Facebook and affected Business Owners the most. We had to relook what we were doing and add on more layers to get more visibility to our business.

Moving forward…

We will mostly likely see more decrease with the algorithms, so it is important that you put a plan into place of what you can do to make sure this doesn’t affect you. I have been working my Business Page for seven years now, BUT also work the different groups and my personal timeline consistently. When Facebook introduced the new ‘low’ algorithms, I did not get hit hard like most small businesses. By utilizing the many other elements of Facebook to build your business, your engagement on your Business Page will stay intact BECAUSE you have built a following that wants to hear from you in areas beyond your Business page.

Another thought….

With the amount of competition in Facebook, it just might be time to look at investing in some Ads. You don’t have to invest a ton of money, start with maybe $25 for one month and see what the end results are, then you can go from there. I run Ads every couple of months, just to bring me visibility, not usually for selling, and invest $25 per Ad.

Videos, Videos and Videos!!

Well, the reality is that YOU need to embrace the idea of doing videos. They are big on Facebook, and Facebook will even help you get further visibility on posts that include videos. If you are not comfortable with putting yourself on camera, think about using Lumen5 to create videos from content on your website. It is a free site and I find it pretty user friendly.

You can also think about having someone in the video with you who might make it more comfortable for you. Another trick is to take a photo of your ‘networking’ friends and tape it to your screen where you will be recording the videos, this way you will be talking to them in your mind and not the world of Facebook.

The power of Groups is more obvious now than ever before

With the decrease in algorithms, Groups will be another aspect of Facebook that will get bigger. You can think about creating your own group and building it with a tribe of people who will eventually become clients. Use this group to educate, to share tips, to ask questions, to engage with the members. Keep them entertained, give them a reason to always want to be a part of what you have created.

You will also want to look at joining a variety of groups that have a ‘networking’ feel to them. These are groups where people talk to each other, share their tips, ask questions, and where they focus on building relationships.

It is time for you to put together a Facebook marketing plan, schedule your tasks on a calendar and buckle down with commitment to be consistent with what you are doing in Facebook. If you build it, they will follow, even if the algorithms are not in your favour.