If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with a group of people, you want to make sure it’s the right fit.

If you are going to be masterminding with them (a process that involves collaboration, vulnerability, and trust), it NEEDS to be the right group of people for you and your business.

Here are 5 personality traits to avoid when forming your group:

  1. Negative Nellie: This is the person who is never happy. When they enter the room, you feel the energy in the room drop. They have tried every suggestion brought to them by the group and, no matter what the suggestion, it didn’t or won’t work.
  2. Drama Queen: This person is either always causing conflict around them or complaining about perceived conflict around them. They always have a new “story” to tell and have no problem sharing it with the group during your session wasting valuable masterminding time.
  3. The Gossiper: The biggest rule of a mastermind group is that everything said during the process is to be kept confidential. That’s the only way to build the trust you need and allow for the vulnerability that needs to occur for true change to happen. The Gossiper will destroy any hopes of that happening. You’ll know him or her right of the bat because they’ll be the one talking about either the people in the group or the people in their lives in a negative manner.
  4. The Taker: This person is the classic energy and time drainer. It’s all about them and they expect you to know it intuitively. They have a innate ability to turn any conversation into one about them and have no trouble doing it to the group, which leads to lost hotseat time for the other members.
  5. The Sloth: This person is complacent and synonymous with inactivity. While they show up to the group regularly and take the hotseat as their turn comes round, they never take action on any of the suggestions given to them. Not only does the group begin to see that as a waste of their time, but they get frustrated with The Sloth because they tend to come back session after session with different variations of the same problem.

While no interview system is perfect, if your mastermind group’s intake process at least as steps in place to weed out these five personalities, you will be saving everyone in the group a lot of frustration and needless upset.