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Fempire Builders connects female entrepreneurs from across Canada together to both learn from and educate each other. Together, the Fempire Builders Tribe can reach the potential that is inside all of us!

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Education and training tools for Canadian women in business by Canadian women in business. Get access to free resources, workshops and paid training courses to help you reach your business goals.

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Take part in one-on-one mentorship with trained educator & Fempire Builder founder, Samantha King. Get community support and accountability through our Fempire Business Building Community Facebook group. Join us at inspiring events for Canadian women in business.


Take advantage of informative & motivational blogs, emails and social posts. Plus, get tips, tricks and suggestions from our community to help your business run smoothly.

Are you struggling to balance all of the different roles you play each day + grow your business at the same time?

You are not alone!

“Success is yours to define!”

Fempire Builders founder and CEO, Samantha King, has balanced multiple roles and careers in her life – and succeeded in every single one. Her ability to see and encourage the potential in others has led to the success of Fempire Builders.

Now Samantha’s aim is to motivate and plant the seeds of success in other female entrepreneurs across Canada!

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