So…you’ve started your own business. You put in more hours than a full-time job. You have restless nights wondering if it’s really going to work.  Before you know it, the long hours are adding up and over commitments start coming in. All of a sudden your business is running you.

One day it smacks you in the face. You are running on empty, tired, lashing out at your kids and losing stamina in your business. The reality is that we need to invest time in our bodies every single day if we want to show up in our businesses.

The best gift you can give your energy, your mood, and your creativity is to move your body every single day.

I know. You thought becoming an entrepreneur would allow you to create your own schedule and give you more time for you. It will…depending on how you spend and focus your time.

Through my entrepreneurial journey, I found that I am spending more time at a desk sitting on my butt.  For someone who enjoys movement every day, that sucks. I noticed a few long hours at the computer each day really took a toll on my mental and physical health. How could I continue to show up as my best self in my business? 

Heck, I spend my days helping busy women create sustainable lifestyle habits so they can feel fit, strong and healthy without counting calories, long hours at the gym and create a body that they love so you can imagine why I couldn’t continue on that path.

I had to work smarter and think of ways that I could add some of my active lifestyle into my office days.

Here are three easy ways that you can do the same:

  • Plan movement breaks into your schedule: Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than taking a break to stretch, do a few dozen squats, walk the stairs at the office or go outside for a 10-minute fast walk. Try squeezing these in every 30 minutes or so, using an app like Time Out – Break Reminders, and before you start a new project for the day. Taking a break can reset your mind and help you to refocus on a new task. Not to mention that your body will thank you!
  • Schedule Movement Dates: Pair your need for movement with other business tasks. Instead of planning a coffee date, meet up with your next business opportunity for a walk. 
  • Create a weekly workout schedule: Many of the most successful (and healthy) entrepreneurs’ share that making exercise a part of their business habits has helped them scale up. So, on Sundays, when you are planning out your week, pick a time each day for movement that works for you.

Struggle with motivation? Start with five minutes building up to 30 minutes. I’ve been helping busy women get a solid workout in less than 30 minutes/day from the comfort of their homes so I know that you can do this.

Two BONUS ways to work smarter in your business:

  • Make a plan to be moving for a chunk of your day: This is not a break. This is about moving while working your business. For example, share something with your followers while you are out for a walk. Seeing you take care of yourself while working may just inspire others to want to work with or alongside you.
  • Join a new club or class: Put your work away for the day and get out and meet new people in a physically active setting. Pick something you like or want to try, like a running club, yoga class, or even hiking group.

Each of these is great ways to move your body. What’s more, you may even get out of your comfort zone, stretch your greeting muscles and introduce yourself to new people in any one of them. You never know who you may meet or what opportunities may come when you try something new and get out and get moving.

Alissa is a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach helping busy women transform their bodies in realistic and sustainable ways without spending hours in the gym or counting calories. 

She co-owns a training studio in Barrie, ON, where she trains her clients locally and works online to help women wanting to feel healthy, fit, confident and strong. 

She has been training women for over 15 years and, after she had kids and took her training business full time, she created smart ways to get a fit body with simple nutrition and lifestyle habits that will make a massive impact in your body inside and out.