Recently, a friend asked me to come up with creative exercises around exploring failure. I started thinking about my own big failures and the last one I could think of was over 10 years ago when I was on a stage doing standup comedy and fully bombing. I mean crickets!

Take a few minutes to think about the past year in your business and your personal life and make note of your big successes and failures. Did you set some monster goals or did you play it safe?

Thinking about the topic of failure was enough to motivate me to start putting myself out there more often and start really swinging for the fence this year. If you are ready to really challenge yourself this year then keep reading…

The idea is to commit to some huge scary goals. The type of goals that make your stomach and sphincter start to rumble at the mere thought of them. If there’s no rumbling happening, keep making them bigger until you get there.

1. Brainstorm what you want to accomplish / the impact you want to have this year.

Just start writing the answers down. Also, think about if there is anything that you would have liked to have accomplished last year, but, for whatever reason, you were not able to. Once you have a good list, select one crazy big goal for your personal life and one for your business. I recommend the two that scare you the most.

The reason for also working on a personal goal is because of the ripple effect it can have on your business (i.e. one of my big goals revolves around getting healthier because I know I will be more focused and productive in my business).

Once you have your goals selected, do at least one thing each month that terrifies you and that moves you closer to your desired results. For example, in my business, I want to connect and reach more people, so this month I have entered a speaking competition with nine other phenomenal speakers where we will be talking to hundreds of people. You could say I’m nervous.

Now I have to figure out what February’s challenge will look like.

2. Declare your big goals

Who is your tribe? Who are your biggest supporters? Use your tribe however you like, but we are much more likely to succeed when we feel accountable to others as well as to ourselves. Who knows, maybe your supporters will be able to help you with your goals. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, whether it be help or support.

3. Rewards & Celebration

You know what motivates you. Perhaps, it’s enough for you to simply accomplish your goal. For those who need more, get creative with how you will reward yourself for your desired results. For example, we have created a family challenge and, if everyone hits their goals, then we will be going on a trip together. Not only are we cheering each other on, but we also feel accountable to one another as well. Because she is competitive and wants this trip, my 10-year-old asks me if I got a new client today and if the foods I’m eating are healthy. I know that if I even think about putting a donut in my mouth on her watch, she will smack my hand and send that sucker flying across the room.

Again, set yourself up for success and do what works for you and definitely make sure you celebrate your smaller wins along the way and have fun!