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Author: Tammy Hudgin

Tammy is a mom of two teenagers, aged 21 and 18, teaches part-time at Seneca College and runs a full time Facebook business.  Tammy works with small business owners to help them create a presence on Facebook through training, consultations, Business Page management and speaking engagements.  Tammy has been using Facebook for the last 10 years and has learned how to sell herself through the many elements available on Facebook.  Tammy also loves to play baseball, play free slots on her tablet and travel.
How to make an impact on Facebook in 60 minutes a day

How to make an impact on Facebook in 60 minutes a day

We all know that we need to make time for social media, and Facebook is one of the biggest platforms out there. However, as a business owner, a mom and a wife, finding the time to work social media can definitely be a task that can get left undone. But with social media continuously growing, WE HAVE TO find a way to embrace it, fit it into our day-to-day tasks, and get our messages out to our followers and target market….

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