As the powerful Fempire Builder you are, your business is probably taking top priority in your mind. Beyond creating your amazing product or service, business these days includes sharing a part of yourself over social media, getting vulnerable and letting people into the ‘behind the scenes’. This leaves little room to create space between you and your business, because, well most of the time you ARE your business.

Your photos, stories, where you are vacationing, all of this type of information most likely at some point passes through the lens of, “How could I use this to promote my business?” It’s no wonder, as a favourite question we always ask to those we meet is, “What do you do?” Our answer is always about our work. (It’s great networking, right?!)

I am here to encourage the idea of you being more than your business.

Why does this matter? Fempire Builders, we are incredibly dedicated people. We love to go all in, and usually what we have chosen to create as our business has something to do with what we are passionate about. Our businesses give us ways to expand ourselves and meet new people. This is beautiful and can also be all-encompassing with our time, energy and focus.

What happens can be very sneaky. We tend to need to just add in a few more hours, details or emails here and there. Meeting people we start to think, “Hmmm, oh yes, they could be a potential client” or that photo will be perfect on my social media profiles. These thoughts are not bad. What is important is to be able to balance your business brain.

(And moms, you can’t default to being a mother either! I’m including motherhood as a business too due to its all-encompassing nature)

Where do your business stop and you begin?

Have you ever found yourself lost in all of the roles you play? I have. I’ve gone years forgetting and avoiding who I am outside of all of my various roles. I was not juggling all ‘the things.’ I was simply lost in them.

To create a better balance or flow in your life it’s important to stop and pause. You can do this in form of:

  • Meditation,
  • A few conscious breaths, or
  • Simply ask yourself, “What do I need right now?”

When you create time to pause, you will start to discover parts of you which desire to be expressed. Perhaps it comes in the form of reading a book for pleasure, a craving to paint or realizing that you love to sit with a tea on your porch. Whatever the result, take note, as these simple things are what will help you feel balanced.