The Business Basic Workbook Series is a series of workbooks designed to give you quick answers and easy to implement solutions to some of your FAQ’s and challenges that our founder, Samantha King, gets asked about all the time.


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Get Real About Your Schedule: Managing your time so it doesn’t manage you

Always on the go with kids in tow, our founder, Samantha King, often gets teased that she thinks there are 48 hours in the day. And while she knows that she doesn’t, what she has done is figured out a way to manage her time that allows her to know what she is supposed to be working on at any given point in time.

Within this workbook, you will find Samantha’s process for managing the flow of her life, along with a few worksheets to help you map out how this process can look in your own day-to-day life.


You will also receive access to a short video training from Samantha with the core concepts we have featured in this workbook with your purchase.

Avoiding the Crickets: Up your Facebook Group Game

to see the engagement you’re dreaming of


Many of us have VIP groups where we are creating a warm + welcoming environment for our community to gather + connect. And yet, when they accept our invitation to join, it’s hard to get them to open up and engage so we (and everyone else) can get to know them better. Often all of our community-building attempts are met with crickets. What’s up with that?

Within this workbook, Samantha’s shares with you the process she’s implemented along the way to building the Fempire Business Building Community group to the thriving group it is today.

Growing Your Warm Market: How to increase sales + get referrals

We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about where + how to get new clients. Where can we meet new people? Who should we be spending our time talking to? Yes, it takes up a lot of our time. It takes up so much of our time that we are usually missing a HUGE opportunity to generate revenue…from our current clients!!

Within this workbook, you will find Samantha’s process for putting the foundation + systems in place in your business so you never overlook this revenue opportunity again. And the good news? You can start doing this in your business RIGHT NOW!

Of course, you may need to tweak and adapt depending on what your sales framework looks like…and that’s okay! Do what works for you.

How to check-in on your business throughout the year


At the beginning of the year, we spend time dreaming, planning and goal setting for the coming year. If you’ve worked with Samantha, you know that involves mapping out each of those goals and what it’s going to take for you to achieve them.

But even with all the planning and road mapping in the world, we all know that life can still creep up. 

Within this workbook, Samantha’s shares give you her process for checking in on the health of your business throughout the year.