Telling our story is a key part of today’s marketing landscape. It allows our ideal clients to:
✅ connect with us in meaningful ways
✅ get to us and what we’re about
✅ decide if we are a good fit
✅ assess our ability to help them get where they’re going
? How do you get over those uncomfortable feelings and let down your walls so your audience can connect? ?
Catch the replay as Samantha King chats with Farah Miltimore on this episode of Fempire LIVE. Farah’s sharing her approach to telling her story, how she was able to get vulnerable to help others, and how we can do it too!

Key takeaways include:

  • When you don’t know what you want or you don’t know what feels good in your business, things stay still
  • It’s okay to change and grow as entrepreneurs
  • Make that personal growth and journey to self-awareness part of your journey
  • What you can do when you start to feel the change and the itch to pivot
  • If we keep posting our ‘highlight reel,’ the people who we are trying to attract will feel disconnected to us in the long run
  • Every time we open the door and take the opportunity to be vulnerable, it becomes easier
  • Not only is the sharing of our story helping others, but it is also helping ourselves to heal and grow
  • Being relatable and finding a commonality with your ideal client is how to build a strong brand and tribe
  • What the difference is between being vulnerable and complaining
  • Why you need let go of your ego (a.k.a the chatter in your head)
  • Some people will love it and some won’t…AND that’s okay
  • Be consistent in the delivery of your vulnerability, your actions and your self-development