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Impact of the Pandemic on Women

As we celebrate International Women's Day and mark one year in the pandemic, I am sending you virtual positivity and want you to know I am here to support you, along with the rest of the Fempire™️ Builders community.

On Sunday, March 7th, I spoke with Angie Seth of CTV News Channel about what it looks like to be a woman in business during the pandemic, gave my top tip for avoiding burnout and what supports I think would make a big difference for fempire™️ builders like me right now.

Click the image below to watch the complete clip.


Having your kids at home is one obstacle of this pandemic, but if you are a business owner like me, you also have to worry about keeping yourself afloat and servicing your clients. And while trying to do all of that, you may be feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the communities and supports you used to have before the pandemic hit.

Gone are the days when you could connect in-person at events or over coffee. That's why we launched the Fempire™️ Builders Squad a year early. Our community needed a place to share, collaborate and continue to grow their skill set in the online world. Our Squad brings together inspiring and driven women in business to cheer each other on, do business together and gather in a safe space where making money isn't a dirty word.

With 5 live events a month, over 55 masterclasses and trainings at your fingers tips and an engaged group of women who want to bring your name up in rooms you're not in, why not try out the Squad? Click the 'Add to cart' button below and use the code SQUADMONTHFREE to enjoy your first 30-days on us.

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