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Online Course Creation: Validating Your Course

How to Successfully Choose the
Best Online Course Topic

The first step to becoming an online course instructor is figuring out what topic you want to build a course on. Sometimes it is quick and easy to know what you want to do. Unfortunately,  other times it can feel like you have no idea. In either case, your course should focus on both something interesting and something you enjoy.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when brainstorming your online course topic:

1. What am I passionate about and interested in?

Choosing a topic that you are passionate about will make a huge difference in the delivery of your online course. Making an online course about something that you love will result in a course creation process that is fun and exciting. Most importantly, your audience will be able to feel your authenticity and enthusiasm.

2. What topics am I knowledgeable in?

Picking a topic based on something that you are already familiar with makes course creation easy and rewarding. Sharing your knowledge with others can be both thrilling and inspirational. Creating a course with Course Makers allows you to therefore share your unique knowledge with others all around the world! 

3. What need could I fulfill for a customer?

Thinking of how your online course could fulfill a need or problem is a great way to begin course creation. Knowing that you are providing a solution to a problem your audience may be experiencing is incredibly motivational. This feeling can help jumpstart your creative process, making it even easier to create your course!

The question that I am always asked: “How can I make an online course that people will actually like to buy?”

I have heard this question many times from Course Makers students at the beginning of their journey. No one wants to make something that will not be successful or will not be appreciated by others. This is where validating your course comes in! 

Validation for your Online Course Topic

Once you have chosen your online course topic, you should get your idea validated by someone else. This will ensure that your idea is viable and you are on the right track. It will therefore ensure that your ideal customer or client would be interested in potentially enrolling in your course. 

Why is validating my course topic so important?

Validation is a feeling we all want when starting something new in almost any aspect of life. Validation can mean acceptance from friends, family, your partner, your customer and even your professional industry. Sometimes validation can be like a green light that gives your project or idea the go-ahead. You can use validation as a business tool to confirm that you are on the right track with your online course idea.

How do I validate my online course idea?

The idea of validating your course idea can feel a little daunting at first. After all, this is an idea that will grow and attract your future customers and clients. In reality, this process is incredibly valuable and even a little bit fun. Think of validating your online course as the market research for your topic. 

Start your Online Course Topic Validation Research

First, find someone who you would consider to be the ideal customer for your online course. You may know them or they may just be an acquaintance of yours. This process works better when you know less about them but enough to know they are your ideal customer. For example, if your course was focused on someone who is a business owner, make sure to ask someone who fits that profile.   Ask your ideal customer if they mind doing an interview with you over the phone or by video chat. 

During the interview with this ideal customer, take notes or record the conversation. These notes and recordings will be important to reflect on while building and creating your online course. 

Questions to Ask your Ideal Customer:

Use this interview framework while changing your questions as they suit your course ideas. 

  1. Tell me about your business and why you started your business? 
  2. What is something you do not know about business that you would like to learn?
  3. What has kept you from starting the journey of this learning experience?
  4. Do you think this course would benefit your business or personal life? If so, in what ways?

During your interview, there are some key points to listen for:

  • As your ideal customer, what do they want to learn?
  • What are they struggling with within their business?
  • Do you know what could be their solution? 

If, during this conversation, you realize that they would not be interested in your topic, that is ok. This most importantly can be the pivot point in designing your course. During your conversation, you may even discover a new problem you could solve in an online course. Pivoting at a point like this is very important as it can help you create a course that people really want. Do you k

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