HIRE SAMANTHA: Grow your business by creating a successful online arm of your business that naturally leads into more sales!

Online Course? Increase Your Business Offerings

Wondering how you can increase your one-on-one client revenue? Add an Online Course!


Adding an online course to your offerings is a fantastic way to increase your one-on-one client sales while creating more time and freedom!

Creating an online course can relieve you of the pressures of having only one income stream. It can create more time and money for you and your business! Most of us become entrepreneurs to experience the freedom of having our own schedule, business and clients! If you are not careful, a client-based business can get out of hand. You can find yourself giving away more for less, having to run from one place to another to physically meet clients and sometimes end up feeling emotionally drained.

How can you use an online course to increase the revenue of your client based business?

1. Elevate your Client Potential  

Adding an online course to your business model gives your clients a strong base to start on. This online course will act as preparation for your one-on-one sessions. It can be the first step in your program and the first stage of their transformation. In your course, you can give them the tools they need to start. By that point they will be ready to work with you – or they will have been weeded out if they aren’t totally committed! All this while leading them to the next level of advancement; one-on-one sessions! This is the method I have used with our course creation program, Course Makers. I have found that the students that have completed this course are ready and qualified for one-on-one sessions.

2. Create a Free Digital Offering

Make a free downloadable resource that is complementary to your private coaching. In this, you can highlight one specific hurdle they may find in their journey. You can use this free resource as a marketing tool by offering it through your online newsletter. Here at Fempire Builders we have our free guide to help you add online courses and digital products to your business. This can be downloaded when you visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter. Your free digital offering can be downloaded and shared through social media. This will allow you to grow your newsletter audience with qualified leads and get your brand out there.

3. Offer a Roadmap

Create and offer a Roadmap that works alongside your sessions. A roadmap is a tool used to make a plan to achieve goals and accomplishments while building their business. It can be an offering for your clients to use to refer to in between sessions to stay motivated. They can also use it to dive deeper into your content on their own time.


4. Create an Affordable Alternative to One-on-One Sessions

When clients start as students with your online course it allows the option of an affordable entry into your business’s coaching or teaching program. Present it as an easy way to start and a way to begin from the comfort of their own home.

5. Elevate and Expand Your Private Coaching and Sessions

Having online courses allows you to create a tiered system working in tandem with your one-on-one sessions. You can charge a higher rate while presenting one-on-one sessions as the premium choice. Your one-on-one sessions will become the top-tier experience and your price can reflect that.

6. Freedom and Diversity

Creating online courses will create diversity for your business. It will allow your business to move you away from the dependency of only private coaching. This will allow for greater growth and more time to grow your business while having the support of a passive income. Therefore more time to do the things you really want to do!


7. Relieve that Feeling of Being Pulled in a Million Directions

One-on-one sessions with clients can leave you feeling stretched too thin and pulled in multiple directions. Create clarity in your business by streamlining your services, therefore making the one-on-one sessions more impactful.

Some of my most successful clients and students in Course Makers started as ‘one-on-one client’ businesses. Working with clients one-on-one allows you to become a master of your own craft. My clients had wonderful skills that translated into successful courses and businesses. If you are interested in starting an online course, check out Course Makers. There you can learn the tools to make and profit from your own course.

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