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What is the Friend Zone?

Samantha would say that the first time she heard the phrase 'friend zone' was while watching the blackout episode in the first season of FRIENDS. Joey said that Ross was, "the Mayor of the Zone" because he had waited too long (since high school) to ask Rachel out.

And the same can happen with our businesses if we spend too long building an audience, creating content, but never asking for the sale.

Content and value will only get you so far:

The messaging out there may be telling you that if you create valuable content, then sales will follow. Sure, that's true in an 'If you build it, they will come' kind of story. But for business owners, who perhaps didn't really realize that being a business owner meant also being the entire sales department, the implication that sales will follow because you are creating the right content that leads into an offering AND you actually have to go hunting and ask for sales for that offering might be (conveniently 😉) getting lost in translation.

You have likely been ‘friend zoned’ by someone if any of the following has happened to you:

  • They call you up.
  • They want to go out for coffee.
  • They pick your brain while sipping away.
  • They go and hire someone else to help them with the things you brought up.
  • You scream out loud with frustration.

Watch it happen to Samantha here.

Now, we know that you've worked hard to build your business...and it hasn't been all fun and games. You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to move your business out of the 'friend zone' with your followers and into profit without working around the clock.

As a fellow service provider, Samantha has been friend zoned in the past. When she first started building her business, she knew how to build a community of amazing potential customers. But she wasn't clear about what she was going to offer her new community. She had no problem starting at the beginning of the process the guru's out there tell us about. You know the one.

After what seemed like an endless parade of freebies and valuable opt-ins, with welcome series of emails to boot, Samantha wasn't any close to monetizing by asking for the sale. Eventually, just like Ross, too much time had passed and with many of my audience members I was in the friend zone. I was the amazing business owner who they came to for insight and guidance -- and freebies. 

For Samantha, that meant going back to the drawing board and starting again. But this time, she did it with focus, a well-thought out value ladder of offerings and a sales and marketing strategy that spoke to her niche, positioned her as an authority they should buy from and turned her experience and expertise into the perfect product and offer she would be asking them for the sale on.

Sadly, it did mean starting again from scratch in a few respects, but with her Friend Zone to Profitable process, Samantha was finally on the right track.

Is this you? Are you feeling what Samantha was feeling?

  • You're tried of being in the friendzone.
  • You're done with not being clear on who your niche is.
  • You're ready to say good-bye to the days of being someone you're audience doesn't buy from. 
  • You're prepared to take action to package your experience into products that run without you.


friend zone to profit
Samantha got tired of feeling that way. Knowing that you are likely tired of feeling this way to, she put together our Friend Zone to Profitable Collection of guides, training and live events. This collection of products and offerings were designed to teach you how to go from struggling service provider stuck in the 'friend zone' and working 60+ hour weeks in your business to online entrepreneur who has packaged their experience into products that run without them working with clients they love in a business that runs on autopilot. How does that sound?

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