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What one Outlander star taught me about niching down profitably

Last week, on our YouTube channel, I found a way to link Outlander (one of my favourite TV shows) with getting out of the friend zone, niching down and building your authority for your audience...in 5 mins or less!

And if you know me, you're probably not surprised at all.

But you likely are wondering, "What does Outlander have to do with niching down?"

And you're also may be thinking, "What is niching down?"

If this is you (or if you are still trying to figure out what your niche is), then keep reading and come back to the video once you've read this entire post.

Because in this video, I am breaking down what niching down has to do with your 'one thing,' why getting clear on your 'one thing' is key to having a successful online course launch (you know, the launches they tell you about on social media), and I'm giving you an example of someone who has niched down and leaned into their breakout role profitably. Click the play icon below.

Now for those of you wondering what a niche is or what niching down means, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

Your niche is the group of people your business serves and your ideal client is the people who make up that group (your niche). Now, niching down is when you laser focus in on a very specific ideal client within that niche that you are perfectly poised to help. For example, rather than serving entrepreneurs in general, you could focus on service providers in the online space. You could then laser focus even further, also known as niching down, into one specific service provider in the online space (i.e. bloggers or travel agents).

But when it comes to niching down, you may be a little hesitant. Sure, it's what everyone is telling you to do. I'm sure you've either heard it said out loud recently or have seen it in a post or two (or 10) on social media. But you may still have these questions or concerns:

  • Won't it make my pool of potential clients smaller?
  • How do I even get started with niching down or figuring out my niche in general?
  • What does my 'one thing' have to do with it?

Okay that whole 'one thing' thing was something I threw in at the last minute...but it's the key to niching down profitably AND getting started. Now you're ready to go back and watch this last week's video.

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