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Your first digital product: How to get unstuck and get started

You're being told (by me) that creating a digital product is the answer you've been looking for. The answer to breaking through the ceiling you're hitting in your business because you don't have more time. The key to unlocking the time freedom door.

A digital product is how you're going to turn your business into an actual business that doesn't have you trading time for money as if you were still working at your 9 to 5.

A lot of the time, you might be stuck in creating an online course because you aren't sure how to take what you know and put it into easy bite-sized steps for your ideal clients to consume. You ask me, "How do I take what I do in an one-on-one setting, teach it to many people at once and still get the transformation that I want to deliver to them; the transformation they are coming to me for?"

Sometimes you come to me because you're scared to take on the tech parts. You ask me things like:

  • What software should I use to create my content?
  • Which platform should I use to host my online course?
  • How do I take payments for my products online?
  • How am I going to automate giving access to my online course to my students?

No matter which question you ask me, I know what you're really trying to say is..."Samantha, I don't know what to do first. Tell me what the first step is. Help me get started." 

In this video, I am sharing how I got unstuck. I am telling you exactly what I did to get started. And, because I don't want this to be another block for you, I want you to have my free guide giving you the exact steps I took to come up with my first digital product idea. 

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