Fempires LOVE to run their businesses. Although there are rough times, being your own boss and serving your market feels pretty darn wonderful and fulfilling. Am I right?! 

It can also be a little time-consuming. Raise your hand if you qualify for any of the following:

  • Working in-between mothering
  • Working around another job,
  • “I’ll just check on that before bed”
  • “Oh, I’m excited that we are doing ____ this weekend, it will be great posts for social media!”

The dedication we have as Fempire Builders to our businesses is beautiful, and, yes, necessary. It is great to love running your business and what it represents, but don’t confuse business with pleasure.  

Wait? Don’t I want running my business to feel pleasurable?

Of course! AND, having to be everything, including the face of your brand can blur the boundaries of business and pleasure. Do all of your events outside of family have to do with your business? Are you sneaking in hours here and there to get things done, personally develop, or make ends meet?

For a long time, this was certainly the case for me. I dove deep into my business that every minute I wasn’t doing something for/with my family, I was working on my business. My industry is wellness so I thought, hey, going to work just makes me healthier. And since it takes A LOT of work to get something off the ground, I don’t want to waste a minute on anything else.

I didn’t realize how this was negatively affecting me until my partner asked me, “When was the last time you did something that wasn’t related to your business or this family?“ Ugh…a few years I guess? I had lots of excuses as to why, but instead, he just gave me a challenge.

The Challenge

Pick a book that has nothing to do with your business and take 15 minutes to read it, just for fun. He then grew the challenge to a weekend of unplugging from business altogether. Then added, what about one date night with yourself every week or two that is non-business related?

This may not seem like a lot, but did it ever change the game for me. At first, I felt like I was wasting precious time when I could be doing something to make my business grow. Eventually, I realized how much it fuelled me to know who I am outside of all of my hats. I was more present, more focused and organized during my business and family time. I had more energy and inspiration from unplugging!

Now it’s your turn

Are you letting your business hours bleed into personal time? What are you doing purely for pleasure? Once you get clear on that, choose one thing you can do to enhance your personal time by five to 15 minutes a day. Share your intention with those around you or in our Fempire Business Building Community Facebook group, and include how you are going to do it. And, most importantly, check in on how it changes things for you as you go.