Being Vulnerable: How to tell your story online

being vulnerable your story

Telling our story is a key part of today’s marketing landscape. It allows our ideal clients to:   ✅ connect with us in meaningful ways ✅ get to us and what we’re about ✅ decide if we are a good fit ✅ assess our ability to help them get where they’re going   But being […]

Why being part of a tribe is a powerful thing for your business

tribe, business bestie

Finding people to meaningfully connect and collaborate with is hard when you’re a solopreneur. Wouldn’t it be great to a have a safe, welcoming and supportive environment to bounce ideas around with or talk through challenges with? A tribe of like-minded women who get it? Maybe even a business bestie? The good news is that […]

Networking: How to make a memorable first impression


There are so many options when it comes to lead generation in your business – both online and in person. We can all agree that networking, especially in-person with other business owners in your community, is one of the biggest. That’s got to be why there are so many networking events happening all the time, […]

Time management techniques to take your To-Do list to a To-Done list

Time management is always a hot topic among entrepreneurs. How do you get more done in a day? Do you need more hours? More hands? Or do you just need to know what to focus on and how to complete those things more efficiently? But the reality is that when it comes to time management […]

Stop Playing Small: It’s time to level up in your business

We are halfway through the year! Crazy, right?!?!? It’s a time for checking in on your goals, taking a hard look at where you are vs. where you still need to go, and making some decisions about how you’re going to level up over the course of the next 6 months. But what if there […]

How to transition your personal brand from one phase to the next

Have you recently moved from corporate to entrepreneurship? Maybe you’ve just switched gigs and have started a new venture. Are you having a hard time figuring out what to say about your new position when you introduce yourself at networking events? Feeling a bit of an identity crisis where your personal brand is concerned? Having […]

One Brand Gives Back: Using your business to help and strengthen your community

Join Samantha as she talks with Charissa Skinner, founder of Crushed With Love and host of the #ShesCrushinIt podcast. We talk about Crushed with Love’s #FruitForKindyKids initiative, where a portion of profits goes to providing fruit to children in nearby schools. Catch the replay to find out the whole story. Key takeaways include: How a business can make an impact on their […]

Networking vs. Socializing on Facebook: How to build meaningful connections

On this episode of Fempire LIVE, we are joined by Tammy Hudgin of Creating Your Presence to discuss how to build meaningful connections on Facebook. If you’re looking to truly networking on Facebook, catch the replay of this episode. Key takeaways include: The distinction between socializing and networking What is the difference between engaging vs networking […]