How does asking someone to buy your product or service make you feel?

When I ask this question to my workshop participants the answers include; Slimy, Pushy, Sleazy and Fear.

When we ask someone to buy from us, we are worried about how they will perceive us. And we are worried they will say NO!

Most of the time, this worry, or fear, is what holds us back from really expanding our business and making the sales we need to do this.

Does this sound like you?

You have finished chatting with your prospective customer about your product or service, they seem interested but are still unsure about whether they are going to buy. It’s time for you to ask them, “Are you ready to buy?”, but you panic. What if they say NO? What if when I ask them to buy, they get offended and never speak to me again? Will I sound slimy, sleazy or pushy? So, instead of asking them if they are ready to make a purchase, you hand them a catalog or a price list and say: “Take this home and have a look through. Let me know if there is anything that interests you.”

Phew! They are happy. You are happy. You did your job, right?

NOPE! You didn’t ASK them to buy. What you asked them to do is look at your catalog or price list. This is not going to grow your business!

When selling your product or service, you need to ask your customer to buy it.

Yes, there are some times when someone comes to you, knowing exactly what they want, but those opportunities are usually few and far between. Most people will waiver on making a decision to buy something, until they are asked to buy it.

You NEED to ASK for the Sale! We need to get over our fears and change the way WE feel about asking for the sale.

Here are 3 simple ways to help make you feel better about asking your customer to buy from you:

1. If you focus on the benefits of your product or service for that specific customer and how your product will improve their life, then think of not asking them to buy as a disservice to them.

2. You need to believe in your product, service and yourself! When you believe, you achieve! Cheesy right? Well, guess what, its true! If you believe that your product, service and YOU will make someone’s life better, then asking them to buy it from you only makes sense!

3. Use a script and stick to it. Find a simple way to actually ask your customer to buy, and use that script, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The more comfortable you get saying this script, the more comfortable you will become actually asking for the sale.

The key message is if you don’t ask, you will never know the answer. So, ask! The more you do it, the easier it will get. And your sales will increase, I am willing to bet on it.

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