It has been proven that our outside word is a reflection of our inside world. If we see chaos and clutter all around us, we usually begin to feel the same is happening on the inside. Taking action to clear out clutter and clean our homes/office can help relieve a lot of those chaotic thoughts. If your office or desk is full of papers, files and office supplies you will not feel very open to working in that environment. You are also wasting valuable time searching for things you need under all that clutter.

Here are tips on how to clear away the clutter to reduce your stress levels:

First, start by clearing off your desk. Go through each item and find a suitable home for it.

  • Does it belong in the office?
  • Where do you use it most often?
  • Should it be filed or put in a drawer?

Once you know where the item belongs, put it there. Now everything from the desk is in its proper place; meaning you know where to look for it and where to return it once used.

Next, make sure the rest of the office is clean and tidy. Only the items that belong to the office space should be in it. Make it convenient to access your essentials.

Keep that office clean:

Your daily routine should include 10 minutes at the end of each day to clear everything off your desk and return it to its home. This will allow you to start fresh every morning and create an open space where you can work freely and not feel confined.

If you make a commitment to yourself to keep your desk clear, you are helping quiet your mind. Clutter makes one feel overwhelmed and creates anxiety. If all you see is a messy unorganized space, you will feel the same way and not be as productive as you could be. Over time, with a clean and clear workspace, you will see your creativity and productivity increase and your stress level decrease. Even if life feels chaotic, your environment does not need to reflect this.

If you find your office gets messy again, start from the top and get begin decluttering. You deserve to have your office looking organized and clean.