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Blueprint Collection Vol. #2: Become an authority your audience buys from

Blueprint Collection Vol. #2: Become an authority your audience buys from

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Getting stuck in the Friend Zone sucks and it can happen for a lot of reasons.

With our Friend Zone to Profitable Blueprint Collection, Samantha has put together a series of workbooks to guide you in creating your personalized roadmap in three key areas of your business.

Why? Because she knows that if you spend time working on these key areas, you will find yourself moving out of the friend zone and into someone your audience buys from in no time.

How does she know this? Because she did it. But it starts with action.

In ‘Blueprint Collection Vol. #2: Become an authority your audience buys from,’ you will use this workbook to:

  • Get clear about your unique selling proposition and exactly how you are different than other service providers in your industry
  • Craft your messaging around your 'one thing' in clear and consistent ways that position you and your services/offerings as the solution your audience needs
  • Learn how to create content that makes it clear that you know what you're talking about without giving it all away for free
  • Create your personalized roadmap to getting your message out to as many potential clients as possible using PR and exposure opportunities to get in front of new audiences

Save when you buy all three volumes of our Blueprint Collection together AND get a private invitation to Samantha’s next Friend Zone to Profitable 30-Day Challenge.

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