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Course Makers
Course Makers

Course Makers

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Get access to a framework that will guide you through creating and launching your first online course!

Online courses give you the opportunity to diversify your business, move you away from private client work dependency and increase your income without working around the clock. With our Course Makers program, you will learn:

  • How to get clear on your ideal client, their journey and how you fit in
  • What you can teach (and it's not everything you have to offer) in a course setting⁠
  • How you will deliver the course - both from the tech side and the educational best practices side⁠
  • What your launch PLUS long-term sales and marketing plans are going to be for your new course⁠
  • How to move your graduates to the next offering you have for them so they continue to work their way up your value ladder.⁠


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