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Prospect to Paid
Prospect to Paid

Prospect to Paid

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Are you feeling like you spend so much time and effort creating content for your marketing, but feel like you are still confused about how to get more people to actually buy from you? 

Prospect to Paid is the perfect online course for anyone with a product or service who is looking to better understand how to engage their potential customers and then move them to the buying stage of sales.

In this online course, you will learn how to:

  • Connect with your business “Why” and create a story for your prospects to really understand your business
  • Target your ideal client and position your product as a solution to their problem
  • Craft sales language and start creating scripts for your sales process
  • Change your mindset and how you feel about asking for the sale
  • Understand prospect temperatures and how to help move them from cold to hot
  • A proven sales strategy to use social media as a sales tool

PLUS THESE BONUSES as part of your ongoing monthly membership...

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls for Q&A and to deep dive into specific topics that are trending in the marketing and sales platforms
  • Access to an engaged, online support community

It’s an ever-changing world out there. Laura Skjelmose's Prospect to Paid is here to support you and your sales efforts through it. Put this sounding board for your business into your back pocket today!

Course and ongoing membership program delivered by Laura Skjelmose (pictured).

Please note: This is a monthly subscription product. You will be charged $97 plus appl. taxes today for the online course and then again monthly for each month that you remain a part of this membership community. This product is non-refundable.