As humans, there are many areas in life where we expect consistency. Think about your expectations as you line up to go through the drive thru to get your favourite coffee. What would happen if it didn’t go as planned and you ended up getting the wrong order? How would you feel? What if that happened two days in a row? Would you start to lose faith in that particular drive thru? Perhaps.

When it comes to the online space, there are a few different areas where consistency is anticipated:

1) Branding – when your branding (personal or your business brand) doesn’t have a consistent look, vibe and feel or when your messaging isn’t consistent, it doesn’t sit right with your audience. Over time, without even realizing it, your audience begins to understand what they can expect to see from your online presence.
2) How often you show up – if one month you posted every single day and showed up regularly in your users’ feeds and the next month, you disappeared, what would that do for your audience’s trust and expectations of you? Do you want your brand to be perceived as inconsistent or unreliable?

Having a clear strategy and a consistent brand vibe will help guide you to a successful online presence, which in turn will help you to create REAL connections.

Now before your heart starts to race and you start feeling yourself go into panic mode, please take a deep breath and stay with me.

I get it! More than likely, YOU are your brand and perhaps you are also a one person team. This makes it difficult sometimes to show up consistently when life happens or work gets full.

Branding is the key to showing your unique value proposition when compared to your competition. To build trust within your community and followers, you need to be reliable and consistently live up to your brand promises, messaging and/or values.

Why is consistency important?

As customers, when we desire a specific experience or result, consistency in that is what builds trust and a foundation of loyalty will eventually result. When a customer is confused, they likely are not going to feel confident in you or your brand. Confident customers will be happy, become raving fans and will bring us referrals that will help to continue grow our business.

Consistency in your brand presence creates the feel of a solid professional foundation, which in turn creates a sense of trust and a sense of authenticity. It also creates clarity for your customers and followers which aids in brand loyalty.

How do you maintain a consistent online presence?

In order to maintain a consistent online presence, planning is key. Firstly, you never know when life or business will take a turn and you may not have the usual time to plan or execute your plan. When we have our head wrapped around the next week, month and quarter in our business, we are able to keep a pulse on our online presence and make it as effective as possible.

Creative content is also key in an effective online presence. In order to come up with a content strategy, it is often beneficial to brainstorm and collaborate with other like-minded business owners. Many people require accountability and a block of time in their schedule each month in order to spend the time required to create new content for the month ahead. Memberships like Social Media Think Tank can help you stay consistently organized in the online aspects of your business.

Remember to ensure that you have consistency in the following areas of your business (if applicable):

  • social media posting, blog posts and newsletters
  • your messaging
  • your look/vibe/feel
  • engagement

Using third-party scheduling tools like Later and the native Facebook scheduler can help you stay on top of a consistent online presence. And being a member of Social Media Think Tank can help you create a consistent brand identity.

Showing up in a consistent manner builds a consistent presence and message that in turn creates trust in your brand. A cohesive brand strategy in combination with your marketing strategy creates a solid brand foundation, a consistent presence and over time will create raving fans.