Whether you do your biz as a side hustle, or full-time, it’s important to treat your business LIKE a business. But with Christmas parties, cookie baking and the pending kids’ school holidays, isn’t it difficult in December?

Take a moment and think about your “traditional” job….

If you didn’t show up for a WHOLE MONTH would it still be there for you in January? NOPE! Likewise for our business. Why do we do this to ourselves in December as entrepreneurs then wonder why January is like re-starting??

Freedom to work your own hours doesn’t mean NO work. It means CONSISTENT work!

People I coach love and appreciate a December checklist to keep them on track. Here’s a glimpse of mine. Adjust it to your business & life as needed:

Dec 15th: Review your December business goals

How did it go? What will your January target audience/clientele need to be as excited as you are in the new year?!

Dec 16th: Order any products and supplies you’ll need for the New Year!!!

Prep and plan out or your Facebook videos, marketing materials or social media communications for the next month.

Dec 17th: Customer Care Day

How can you reach 10 new people today?

Dec 18th: Learn to Earn – Find a podcast that inspires or trains you in your area of expertise.

There are loads of people out there who have the success YOU ARE LOOKING for!! Find them and start learning new tips & ideas!

Dec 19th: Tidy your office

Make sure everything is in its place and ready to be looked at for tax season.

Dec 20th: Let the idea of setting JANUARY GOALS, first quarter goals and 2019 goals roll around in your mind

If you weren’t AFRAID to FAIL, what would you DO?

Dec 21st: Winter solstice is always a magical day of high energy perfect for manifesting abundance!!

Solidify the vision you started dreaming about yesterday. Spend time writing in a journal, doing some inner reflection on what you’d like to leave behind in 2018. Dream yourself a future memory for 2019. Embrace your inner child and get playfully creative with what you want to bring into your business and life!

Dec 22nd: Reach out to 5 people who you feel helped propel you forward this year in your business.

Let them know how grateful you are for them and how much you’d love to work with them to reach more people in the New Year!

Dec 23rd: Learn to Earn

Listen to a podcast/watch a youtube/ read a blog about a business/product/service similar to yours.

Dec 24th-Dec 26th: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Enjoy your friends and family, kids and grandparents, shopping, eating, making memories. You deserve it!!

Post Holiday Visits and Excitement

Dec 27: Start working on the plans you developed on Dec. 16th regarding marketing/videos/social media

Have a few things ready to go for the first week of January!

Dec 28th: Fill your cup

Motivational business speakers are everywhere! My favourites are Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard or Rachel Hollis. Remember, THIS IS HELPING YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS even though it feels indulgent.

Dec 29th: Connect with your January business partners

So who are you going to be working with during those first few weeks? Coaches? Suppliers? Assistants? Clients? Team members? Confirm meeting/call dates/times & prep your January schedule.

Dec 30th: Have your expenses ready and organized to be dealt with!

Dec 31st: Set your January goals

oth in business and in your personal life!! Share them with someone who builds you up and DEFINITELY INK IT, DON’T THINK IT!!!

Wishing you an amazing end of 2018 and an abundant and joyous 2019!!