If I were to give you three minutes to scan your memory and share some Defining Moments that you have experienced, what would those moments be? Likely the Defining Moments that you would come up with would be those that were the peaks and valleys in your life. Those moments that stand out far above the less significant moments.

In any experience, there are certain pre-conceived expectations that we automatically assume will occur.

Defining Moments are the ones that STAND OUT!

Defining Moments
As business owners, we want to meet all of the pre-conceived expectations and then go above and beyond. Resulting in memorable experiences for our clients. We want to give them a reason to look forward to their next interaction with our brand and therefore be extremely impressed with US or our PRODUCT.


What do you want to be known for?


We are living in a world where customer service is paramount because good customer service is no longer a bonus. It is an expectation. Consequently, it will likely determine whether that customer will return to do business with you. People are expecting more including immediate response, problems solved and unique experiences.

Creating an excellent customer service plan into your business is crucial to building your foundation. People EXPECT to receive good customer service, that is not negotiable anymore.

As brands, we need to build upon that foundation and create unique customer experiences that our clients will be excited to share with their friends and families. We need to create experiences that give our customers the opportunity to share stories (ideally, on social media).


Customer service is the foundation and Defining Moments
take it to the next level: Customer Experience.


People will talk and share stories about their customer experience. This is often a Defining Moment. This innately becomes part of our branding. When we intentionally build a community of clients who will talk about our brand, it is like building a tribe of clients who will recommend and refer our services or product to others.

Social media is changing right before our eyes. There is a growing emphasis on storytelling, on experiences and on community building. What experiences can you offer your customers that will have them talking on social media ABOUT you, WITH you and FOR you?

We want to hear about a Defining Moment that you have experienced in life!
OR, if you are actively creating Defining Moments for your clients and customers, let us know!