Do you ever get the urge to purge? This happens regularly with our physical spaces, and did you know that we create just as much Digital Clutter if not more without even realizing it?

Have you ever heard of the concept that in order for good things to happen, you need to create space?

It’s time to reduce your Digital Clutter: Clear out the old and in with the new.

I’m definitely not an expert in Feng Shui or energy clearing, however if you were to learn more about either of those topics, you would quickly learn that to make space for the new things to come in, one is encouraged to create space, or in other words, declutter.

Our digital world can get cluttered quite quickly without us even being aware.

Out of sight, out of mind is exactly what happens with digital clutter.

The problem with Digital Clutter is the following:

  • You can run out of space.
  • Digital clutter can slow your devices down.
  • It can make things difficult to find.
  • It takes up SPACE on more than a virtual level (in my opinion).
  • Your digital space can include your phone, tablets, camera cards, computers and more.

In order to stay on top of your digital clutter, it is important to set aside time in your schedule for consistent cleanup. If you really want to stay on top of it, I recommend a daily or weekly routine. If that isn’t realistic for you, I get it! Perhaps consider making a date with yourself once a month to do a digital declutter.

Join us for a Digital Declutter Challenge where we will inspire, motivate and educate you on different areas of your digital business you should consider giving a solid declutter. You will find this series inside of our Online Sisterhood Facebook Group called Growing Your Brand and Business Online inside of the Units Section.

It’s time to cleanup your Digital Footprint and your Virtual Space. It’s freeing and creates space for new, incredible things to enter your world.

Coming from the education field and having done work with a variety of brands like Rogers, Nature’s Path, The Babytime Show and Today’s Parent, Amanda has a wide range of experiences that have guided her to her passion of helping small business owners take charge of the online aspects of their brand. Her patience and enthusiasm provide her with the grace to work with learners of all levels.

She is passionate about providing business owners with the tools and confidence necessary to create an effective online presence for themselves and their business.

Many clients have said that having Amanda as your Digital Mentor is very much like having a digital business partner. She works with you every step of the way, making sure to understand and learn about every aspect of your business, setting you up for online success.