The first official day of Spring has come and gone. This week we had the windows in our house open and were able to wear shorts. Ladies, in Canada, we call that a Spring Welcoming Ritual and it may have you feeling in the mood for some easy Spring Cleaning too.

If that’s you, let us help you out with these five tips to make your Spring Cleaning a snap.

Tip 1: Keep paper in one spot in your home

Whether it’s the kitchen, office or front hallway, have one location to collect all of your incoming mail, school flyers, permission slips and so forth.

  • Have three trays labelled Action, To File, and To Shred.
  • Take an hour two mornings per week to go through the trays.
  • For the first 45 minutes of your hour, go through your Action tray; pay bills, go through the mail, and sign permission slips.
  • Take the last 15 minutes to through your To File papers and To Shred papers.

Having an action list and a schedule of tasks during your allotted time frame for this each week will make your time more efficient. And, as an added bonus, no piles of papers all over the house.

Tip 2: Take 15 minutes every evening to declutter

Now that you will be able to find papers when you need them, let’s talk about all of the other things that may be keeping you from having clear surfaces.

  • Get into the habit of taking something from the room you are into the room you are going to, to place it back in its proper spot throughout the day.
  • Spend 30 minutes going through each room in your house and put things back to where they belong at the end of each night; giving you peace of mind every night going to bed and allowing a fresh start every morning.

When you declutter daily you make it easy to dust, vacuum and mop without the huge chore of moving items that do not belong on surfaces or floor before being able to start.

Tip 3: Have a donation box in your clothes closet, the basement and/or garage.

Having an easily accessible donation box (or two) around the house will keep your mindset on decluttering.

  • When you come across an item that you no longer need, ask yourself, “Do I still need this item? When was the last time I used it? When will I use this next?”
  • If you decide that you do not need the item any longer, put it in the box.
  • When the box is full bring it to a local charity for donation.

Let someone else enjoy your old items. They become new items to others and you have the freedom of space and a clutter-free environment to create and work your business.

Tip 4: Work on creating a spot for all of the items in your home

For this tip, start off by asking yourself, ” Where do you use the item most often?” and then find a spot for the item in that room.

  • Have a hook or dish for your keys.
  • Keep a clothes hamper where clothes tend to end up on the floor.
  • Have a basket for each member to place their hats, mitts and scarf in.
  • Have a decorative basket or dish for wallet, loose change and sunglasses.

This tip allows you to know where items are and where to put them back. And that makes your tidy up time from Tip #2 quick!!

Tip 5: Make up a chore list for all members of the family, young and old

If everyone knows what their chores are, then they only need to focus on theirs. And when you can implement some structure that empowers everyone’s independence with the knowledge of what is expected, then we all win.

  • Make it visible for all to see by putting on the fridge or on the wall.
  • Have a reward system for the younger ones. If they complete their chores for the week they get a sticker and, once they reach a certain amount of stickers, it’s prize time!

If everyone is on board and clearly understand what the expects of them are, then staying on top of a clean house will be easy.