Did you know that Facebook’s policies and procedures state that you can not have a personal profile/timeline in a Business Name? They tell us that we must have a Business Page if we wish to conduct business. You are not to use your Facebook personal timeline for commercial use. However, you can still post on your Business Page and ‘share’ your posts onto your personal timeline. I do caution you on this method of sharing and suggest that you use the 80/20 rule here. Be mindful about how many times you are sharing from your Business Page to your personal within one week.

There are a few things that you can do on your personal profile that will  bring some visibility to your business:

  • When you are on your personal timeline, just under your profile picture, you have the opportunity to write an ‘Intro’. I would like to encourage you to think about what you can put here. Write a statement that indirectly tells people about what you do for a living.
  • Below the ‘Intro’, you also have an option to add up to five Featured Photos, that have a default public viewing setting. Why not upload some photos here that ultimately represent your business?
  • When you go into your ‘About’ tab, under ‘Contact and Basic Info’, you have a couple of different opportunities to add website links and social profile links to your other social media platforms. As you include information here, you want to make sure you set these elements to a public viewing setting as well.

One last tip:

  • facebook personal timelineThink about doing strategic ‘Status Updates’ on your personal timeline that tell people what you are up to each week. I like to do these on Mondays as a fresh start to the week. This is a post that lets people know where you are going to be (client meetings, speaking events, networking events, etc.), what type of work you will be doing (Zoom calls, customer service follow-up, content creation for future services etc.), or if you are working on a new project.  This is your opportunity to showcase all the activities and even the products/services that make up your business, without SELLING anything to them. Within this list, be sure to also think about adding some personal tasks to round out your message.

With the changes in the Business Pages’ algorithms, we need to strategically use our personal timelines without breaking the Facebook rules, of course, to get more visibility.

Think outside the box!