Fall is the time of year the highest majority of entrepreneurs throw in the towel. I almost quit my business the first two fall seasons I was working.


Because I expected to suddenly have all the time and energy in the world the day my children went back to school. I thought I was a superhero who didn’t need sleep or food or sanity. I wanted to be the perfect mom/wife/entrepreneur.

That did not go over very well the first few years of business.  I was often very tired and felt like I was losing out on my family time to work.

Let me share with you what changed. I call them Mandy’s Fall Success Tips. With them, I have been able to grow my business from fall chaos to a six-figure earner living a balanced lifestyle.

Be realistic and honour your energy:

Stop setting yourself up to fail. I know you have a list of a MILLION things you think you’re going to do as soon as September is rolling.

REMEMBER: there are limited hours in the day, along with limited amounts of productive energy. 

  • What time of day is your mental energy highest?  This is your creative time.
  • How much time do you need to prep things for your household?  This has to be considered.
  • What time of day is your physical energy highest?  This is the active time.

Every September I have to re-remember these things and GET REAL with what I can handle.

By the end of September, I feel more focused and can manage more on my plate.

You are a human BEING, not a human DOING.

Create a Vision Map:

Let go of the belief you need to do all the things and decide what you want to create first! Here’s how I ease into the first month of the new school year:

The majority of the first week is for REFLECTIONI create a vision map by reflecting on the following:

  • What are my business goals for the rest of the year?
  • How do I want to feel about my business by the end of the month/year?
  • How many hours am I willing to give my business every day/week/month?

Once I have these answers, I can create a map to my goals.

Find the new balance:

Finding the new balance means honouring the space for NON-WORKING TIME. You MUST create intentional space for the balanced lifestyle you envision for yourself.

Here are my non-negotiable practices to maintain work/life balance:

  1. Weekly meal planning…SO AMAZINGLY FREEING!!!
  2. Date night at least once a month
  3. Family date nights once a week
  4. 30 mins of exercise or meditation 5x a week
  5. Daily gratitude journal

Take five minutes, right now, and jot down the things you would like to have on this list for yourself. After you’re done, circle the ones you can start implementing tomorrow.

Seriously, do it now or you’ll finish reading this and not do it at all. 

Our personal needs are the first thing to go window when we get busy. Prove to yourself RIGHT NOW that you are CHOOSING YOU for success! Customise your daily life the way you envisioned it and watch your business thrive.

Trust and allow:

You started your business with the same vision as all entrepreneurs.

  • FREEDOM from the GRIND of the 9-5
  • FLEXIBILITY to live the way you choose
  • ABUNDANCE in all of its facets

Relax into the truth of knowing you’re self-motivated & you KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. 

You are always evolving into a greater version of yourself, which means your life is too. 

Create the space for success and trust it is coming, you were born to be magnificent!