Fempire LIVE Replays

Hey Fempire Builders! Fempire LIVE is an ongoing interview series that happens on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST on the Fempire Builders Facebook page.

During each episode, we cover all that kind of stuff that we are seeing, thinking and feeling, as we are building our Fempires day-to-day, being moms and living our lives.

Join our founder, Samantha King, on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST for new episodes of Fempire LIVE. In the meantime, catch up with these replays.

Monetizing online: How to create an online course

online courseYou’ve likely purchased an online course before. You have probably even thought to yourself, “I should make an online course.” If this sounds familiar, then this replay of Fempire LIVE with Tammy Hudgin is one you’re going to want to watch. Samantha and Tammy talk about how to create an online course, ideas for what you might want to create a course about, AND she said something about a NEW Facebook Group feature that’s pretty cool!



How to Work with Kids in Tow

Catch the replay of a special episode of Fempire LIVE. It’s one of our She Succeeds 2018 editions  Samantha was joined by Fempire Builders Show Panellist, Jen Wende of Jen Wende – Breathe. Move. Connect, to talk about how we Mamas can prep for working with kids in two the Rested Mama way.

From Samantha King, herself:

“I have been learning so much from Jen since we met a few short months ago, and I can tell you that with her patient teaching and enlightened approach I am feeling stronger in my business, mindful of my needs and what I can do to meet them, and more present and filled with joy in my daily life.

Since it’s working with kids in tow for this homeschool mom year round, I can tell you that this episode is sure to give you insights and ideas to make this an easier process!”

How to find & reach success with an Accountability Partner

accountability partner, finding successThis episode of Fempire LIVE is all about finding success through the power of accountability. But we dive even deeper into it to discuss what working with an accountability partner truly means.

  • How to find one
  • What working together looks like
  • Finding success through the relationship

Catch the replay as Samantha talk to Susan Melnick of Just Enough Bling and Tracey Fenwick of My Candle Lady, who are finding success and making it work as each other’s accountability partner.

How to plan and make a day full of sales calls happen

Without sales, we don’t have a business, BUT…how do you make getting out there, prospecting, and asking for the sale a regular part of your everyday efforts?

Catch the replay as Samantha King chats with Laura Skjelmose-Betts of The Inspired Sales Coach as she walks us through a day in her life as a sales representative. From how she planned her day to what exactly she did during the day to how she followed up, we are going through it step-by-step to get insights and action items. 
If you’ve ever wondered how to plan and execute a day full of sales and sales calls, this episode is for YOU!

How to turn your customers into Raving Fans

fans, brand ambassadors, client experience, defining moments, customer serviceTell me if this sounds familiar, Ladies?!? Ever sit and wonder why people rave about certain experiences with companies and their brands, but not others? Ever want it to be your product/service that they are passionate about? How do you turn customers into raving fans? Are you providing them with defining moments?

Catch this Fempire LIVE replay as Samantha King talks with Amanda Gobatto of Digital Girl Consulting about how you can provide your customers with brand-defining experiences that will have them singing your praises to anyone who will listen.


Keeping a positive, growth centred mindset through the summer

mindset, growthSummer vacation may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean Fempire Building stops. While the when, where and how we run our business changes over the summer, we don’t close up shop. Catch the replay as Samantha talks to She Succeeds 2018 Panellist, Mandy Kuelz of Mandy Kuelz – Norwex Independent Consultant, about keeping a positive, growth centred mindset through the summer chaos.

Our brains are our worst enemies most of the time, that’s why our mindset is so important. After 10 years of running a home based business, Mandy is sharing how she has kept her business rolling and still found time to enjoy the summer with the kids!

Networking, Networking, Networking: How to make a memorable first impression


There are so many options when it comes to lead generation in your business – both online and in person. We can all agree that networking, especially in-person with other business owners in your community, is one of the biggest. That’s got to be why there are so many networking events happening all the time, right?
Is there a way to be memorable that makes the follow-up process more natural and expected? Catch the replay as Samantha interviews Marlene Gardiner, serial entrepreneur, and go-to connection amongst the networkers in her community as they talk about tips and tricks to make a good first impression the next time you are at an event.

Time Management Techniques: Take your To-Do List to a To-Done List

 Time management is always a hot topic among entrepreneurs. How do you get more done in a day? Do you need more hours? More hands? Or do you just need to know what to focus on and how to complete those things more efficiently?

But the reality is that when it comes to time management and efficiency, there’s no one size fits all. If you’re like Samantha you like to hear from others about what works for them so you can get ideas of what you might try for yourself in your own day-to-day life. Well this week’s Fempire LIVE was just such an opportunity!

Catch the replay as Samantha King talks with Sara Louise Clarke of Sara L. Clarke, serial entrepreneur, about Sara’s never before heard of time management hacks. Sara’s got A LOT on her plate from multiple business and roles in her life, but that doesn’t stop her from taking her To-Do List to a To-Done List. It’s one of the many things we know and love her for! This was a CAN’T-MISS episode!!


Stop Playing Small: It’s time to level up in your business

We are halfway through the year! Crazy, right?!?!? It’s a time for checking in on your goals, taking a hard look at where you are vs. where you still need to go, and making some decisions about how you’re going to level up over the course of the next 6 months.

But what if there are things getting in your way that you don’t even know about? Things that you might be unconsciously doing that keeping you playing small in your goals? That’s must be why serial entrepreneur Gary V talks so much about the importance of self-awareness for business owners…
Catch the replay of this Fempire LIVE as Samantha chats with Michelle Butt of Michelle Butt – Facial Intelligence Expert about how Facial Intelligence can help you be more self-aware, discover those things you might be doing unconsciously to hold you and your business back, and how to take them on and stop playing small!


Avoiding the Identity Crisis: How to transition your personal brand from one phase to the next

Have you recently moved from corporate to entrepreneurship? Maybe you’ve just switched gigs and have started a new venture. Are you having a hard time figuring out what to say about your new position when you introduce yourself at networking events? Feeling a bit of an identity crisis where your personal brand is concerned? Having trouble figuring out how to transition?


Catch the replay as Samantha chats with Melanie Bell, an established entrepreneur who has recently taken on a new gig. She’s going to walk us through how she has transitioned her personal brand as she’s transitioned to her new role with AIMM Media.


One brand gives back: Using your business to help and strengthen your community

Join Samantha as she talks with Charissa Skinner, founder of Crushed With Love and host of the #ShesCrushinIt podcast. We talk about Crushed with Love’s #FruitForKindyKids initiative, where a portion of profits goes to providing fruit to children in nearby schools. Catch the replay to find out the whole story.



How to build meaningful connections: Networking vs. Socializing on Facebook


On this episode of Fempire LIVE, we are joined by Tammy Hudgin of Creating Your Presence to discuss how to build meaningful connections on Facebook. If you’re looking to truly networking on Facebook, catch the replay of this episode.



How to Ask for the Sale: Mastering your Follow-Up Conversations


Catch the replay of another great edition of Fempire LIVE! A follow-up to our episode with Randy Mellon on how to rock your next vendor, Rachel Shields, a 7+ year direct sales veteran, walks us through how to turn your leads into raving customers. Picking up right where we left off with Randy, Rachel walks us through her process, teaches us how to master our follow-up conversations, and even gives us examples of what to say!


Successful Vendor Show Vibes: How to avoid dud shows, get table traffic, and make meaningful connections

Catch the replay of our Fempire LIVE with Randy Mellon of Origami Owl with Randy Mellon. Randy is a go-to resource in her community for others in sales that are seeking the top vendor shows as a lead generation source for their business. In her talk with host Samantha King, she shares with Fempire Builders her process for finding those top shows and answers questions like:
  1. What makes a good vendor show?
  2. How do know which ones to choose?
  3. And what to do to get a good return on their investments of both their time and money?


Finding more time: 5 Things you can outsource in your household every day


Catch our Fempire LIVE REPLAY where we talked to the amazing Anne-Marie Gabrini, one of the amazing women behind K+A Personal Concierge! She walked us through how outsourcing both personally and professionally can help us protect our time by taking us through 5 things we can outsource in our households every day.


Take back your time with systems

Join Bobbie Douglas of Douglas Virtual and I  as we talk about how to track your goal progress, what to consider when developing your tracking method, and WHY tracking them is worth spending your time doing. Celebrating wins anyone??

The most powerful takeaway? When Bobbie said, “Systems are important, especially for business mamas, because they give you your time back! More time to focus on spending those precious moments with your little ones. And even more importantly, they give you peace of mind WHILE you’re with them instead of worrying about how your business is faring while you’re not spending every second working in it.”

Scheduling for Success: How to say goodbye to spinning your wheels

With the New Year in full swing by this point, now’s the time to evaluate and assess your schedule to make sure it’s truly working for you AND NOT making you spin your wheels on a daily basis. Watch the replay of this week’s Fempire LIVE as I chat with Amanda Gobatto of Digital Girl Consulting about schedules and how to find a system that works for you.



Picking one BIG GOAL for the year and putting a schedule in place to complete it

Our first ever Fempire LIVE happened this Wednesday with Sandra Mikovic-Katanic of Everyday Cooking with Sandra Katanic. Watch the REPLAY now!

Our topic was “Picking one BIG GOAL for the year and putting a schedule in place to complete it,” and Sandra walked us through how she took her dream of writing and publishing a cookbook to reality in just 6 months by staying focused, surrounding herself with the right team, and protecting her time.