Ah yes, the age-old question; how do we find the perfect balance? The simple answer is, learn to remove the word “perfect” and you are already one step ahead of the game.

One year ago almost to the date, my business partner and I decided to jump on the wildest adventure of our lives. We both had the entrepreneurial bug and what we thought was a pretty darn good business idea. We started off our journey both mothers of two young children, two of whom were not enrolled in any kind of childcare.  This meant that for us finding balance between work and family would turn into a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week kind of job.

Our first kick at the Balance Can:

We would pray to the nap Gods that our babes would sleep an extra half hour. We would parent each other’s children so the other could attend a client consultation. We would go door to door handing out brochures with babies in tow. You name we did it.

What became apparent very quickly is that we were losing the battle. Business was picking up, and we couldn’t keep up with the demands of having children at home. We made the decision to call in the troops and enrol them in pre-school. It was a tough decision, we loved having our babies with us on this adventure, but the balance scale was weighing too heavily in one direction. We were striving for perfection. We wanted it all but we knew we couldn’t.

Once we made the decision that we could not be the perfect mothers and the perfect business woman all at once, we all of a sudden became a lot happier. Business boomed as we had more time and energy to stay focused on our goals, and our kids were happier because when they had us, they had ALL of us.

What is your time worth?

What we teach our clients, and try to follow ourselves, is that time is the most valuable commodity you will ever have. The currency of time is like none other. We are all allotted a certain amount and it should be spent doing:

  • the things we love,
  • the things that put a smile on our face, and
  • the things that make us feel fulfilled

If you had the choice, would you spend your precious weekend time in line at Costco? Would you be running around doing your long list of errands? What about waiting on hold for 45 minute with an airline to confirm a special request? Or waiting for that cable technician to arrive in the 2-3 hour window provided? Would you feel your time was well spent? Probably not!

Our business gives back the gift of time, so that our clients can achieve a better balance in life. Our services help people and small businesses find perspective and push them to prioritize what’s important. Maybe its time to consider having someone else do your groceries so you can make it to your son’s basketball game.  Perhaps as a small business owner having an on-call assistant to lend a hand with a marketing mail-out would give you the time to close that big deal you have been working on.

Our biggest lesson:

The important things to remember here and the biggest lesson myself and my partner, Kirsten, have learned is that balance is absolutely achievable. However it is about making it work – most of the time. Allow yourself to falter sometime and let your perfect self go. Finally, says yes to help! Time will wait for no one, so enjoy every single moment you can.