Catch the replay of another great edition of Fempire LIVE! A follow-up to our episode with Randy Mellon on how to rock your next vendor, Rachel Shields, a 7+ year direct sales veteran, walks us through how to turn your leads into raving customers. Picking up right where we left off with Randy, Rachel walks us through her process, teaches us how to master our follow-up conversations, and even gives us examples of what to say!


Key takeaways include:

  • The questions to ask to get to know your prospect and what their needs are so you can meaningfully make suggestions that will serve their needs
  • How to naturally establish a date and time to follow-up that won’t be ignored or avoided
  • Why it’s important to find out if you and your prospect are a good fit right at the outset
  • When to ask for the sale and what to say
  • Decoding what the NO you’re getting means and how to handle it in the conversation
  • What to do if everyone is saying NO to you

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