There are moments that come where giving up on my business feels like my only option. I feel tired, scared and alone. I don’t always feel up to the challenges that come with being a fempire builder. Instead, I want to give up.

But I know in my soul that that is not the answer. So, I don’t give up. Instead, support myself with what I call a SMMAC*. 

What is SMMAC?

SMMAC is a set of inquiries and practices I do to help me go from overwhelm to feeling my worth and embodying the incredible fempire builder I know deep down I am.

Follow along with these guidelines the next time you just want to throw in the towel:

SURFACE: What are all of the things that are going on on the surface? Make a list. (Examples of things I find in my own inquiries: I’ve taken on too much, something is going on in my family life, not sleeping well, no one is buying, no personal time, I have PMS, etc). 

MINDSET: When I want to give up, I am also feeling tired, overwhelmed and not very confident in my worth. Choose an affirmation from below – or all of them – to write out 10 times and repeat it out loud to yourself with gusto.

Focusing on this step takes me from ‘pleeease someone rescue me’, to ‘I can do this!’

MOVEMENT: Running a business puts you in your head. You end up thinking a lot. It’s time to get out of your head and into your body. It can be as simple as going for a walk or head to a class such as dance, fitness or yoga. Whatever you do, get your body moving! This is a must. 

ACTION: Remember that list you made at the Surface step? Time to dig deep and take action on a few items that may be popping out. So, try at least one business action and one personal action. (Examples are: cancel something non-essential, go to bed earlier, set a timer for 5 minutes of income-generating activities, sign up for the course to learn a new skill you need).

CELEBRATION: Celebrate you taking action! If your actions are scheduled for later, then take a moment to recognize how far you have come. Whatever it is that makes you feel even the slightest bit proud of you and your accomplishments, no matter how small, take a moment to celebrate in a way that makes you smile.

Giving up is part of the cycle

Remember, businesses, just like life, have cycles. There will be ups and downs. This is normal. Remember to honour your PROGRESS as you take each and every step and throw perfection out the window.  

* I like to pronounce this as ‘smack’ because we all need a good wake up call sometimes.

Jen operates under 3 principles; breathe, move and connect. As a mom, she values using what is learned in the classroom and applying it to daily life.

Jen is a wellness coach certified in yoga therapy, Barre, Pilates and Yoga Tune Up®, with an enthusiasm for essential oils. Her approach uses anatomical alignment principles, restoration and mindset practices. Her goal is to help clients integrate wellness tools through strengthening their body and mind and releasing physical and mental stress to allowing for vibrancy to shine through.