Take a look around your home and see what items can be electronically stored. There are many items we hold onto unnecessarily. They create clutter while taking up prime real estate in our homes.

To go electronic is to free up space in your home and have it all at your fingertips!

Top items to toss right now

  1. Old photos: If you have boxes of photos, take the time to categorize them by year and person(s). Scan them into your computer. Then create files with the name of the person, subfolders of dates and occasions. This will allow you to find any photo you want in moments without taking up precious space in physical storage. There are even businesses that will do all the work for you!
  2. User manuals: Most manuals can be found online.  Create a file on your computer called User Manuals and subfolders with the name of the item.
  3. CD’s: You can take all the CD’s that you still listen to and upload them to your PC. You can use iTunes or another similar software program to do this.
  4. Business cards: There are several apps you can use to upload a business card to your phone. The app reads the card and inputs all the information for you. No need to type anything in.
  5. Loyalty cards: The other day I saw someone with over 30 loyalty cards in their wallet. Most stores have an app for their cards now so you can download it and show the barcode from your phone. Most of us carry our phone with us while shopping so we can now avoid the extra step of carting our cards around too.
  6. Recipes: You can scan any of your grandma’s famous recipes into your computer. And, in today’s day and age, most recipes that you will want to try out can be found online with a simple search. There is no need for countless recipe books and binders anymore. They take up space in your kitchen and about 90% of them never get used!

Many folks read their newspaper, books, and magazines online. Don’t forget about streaming television from a box and movies, as well. Who needs post-it notes if you use a list manager? There are so many paperless solutions to your everyday needs at our fingertips. Start off with one item at a time and see how you like it.