Ever had to make a major decision about your own small business, a career change, or personal lifestyle choice and get completely paralyzed with indecisiveness?

As business owners and mothers, we put so much weight on choosing the right option that we can inhibit our natural senses that will lead us on the right path. We can think way too long and hard about it. This constant back and forth naturally leads us to a state of exhaustion which can cloud our judgement and ultimately cause us to make the wrong choice.

We need to get to a place where we feel confident enough to tackle the pros and cons, understand the fine print and feel good about the direction of our future.

As Lifestyle Management Experts, we are always looking to help people live their best life. Making decisions can be a big proponent for achieving this. We look at practical strategies and how they can be implemented. Whenever you have to make a difficult decision, we tell our clients (and ourselves) to consider the following five steps:

Step 1: Be Clear About Your Options

What choices are in front of you? Make a list of the options you are debating and keep it simple. Too much detail will make it that much harder to begin decision making and can cloud our judgement. Simple and to the point is the way to start.

Step 2: Determine Who or What is Influencing You

What factors are involved that are influencing you? Be honest with yourself about the opinions and pressures of family, friends, clients or even your own limiting beliefs. Are you okay with making a decision based on what suits the needs or beliefs of others? Are your own fears getting in the way?

 Step 3: Let Nature Help You Out

Take a walk through your neighbourhood ravine or sit next to a tree in the backyard and get quiet. Being in nature has the ability to calm our senses and help our minds become clear. It is scientifically proven to lower stress levels and boost immunity. It’s necessary to get still and quiet so that we can filter out all the clutter that’s in the way.

 Step 4: Feel Your Decision

Pretend that you have made the choice you are leaning towards and see how it feels. Are you excited? Anxious? Not happy? Don’t overthink this one either – just feel what it feels like to have made the choice. Imagine that you’ve made the decision and everyone supports you. With the fear of making the decision gone, are you happy? How your gut feels during this step should majorly determine your next steps.

 Step 5: Take Action!

If you’re feeling confident after Steps One through Four, it’s time to take action. Don’t hesitate. I recently heard that the most successful people just do it. Having uncertainty is normal, but taking too long to figure out the answer can lead to missed opportunities. Write yourself a plan or to-do list that will help to facilitate your decision. Be clear about the steps you need to take and don’t overcomplicate the tasks. Ask for help from those that support you and get going on accomplishing your goal.

Making big decisions is tough, we totally get it. 

Always remember: If it doesn’t turn out how you planned, life isn’t over. You can move onto the next plan of action. Just keep going. You are never stuck. Life is a series of choices. Make sure you provide yourself with the tools and knowledge to choose your best life.