Years ago I was working in the corporate world. I worked with Interior Designers to create beautiful spaces. My career was full of a lot of brainstorming, travelling, dressing nicely, attending social events, getting recognition and engaging with others.

The ideal solution

After my second daughter was born, we decided as a family that it made sense for us for me to stay home. My career was amazing, but I didn’t feel like I could succeed both in the corporate world and in motherhood. Leaving my career brought me into ‘Stay-at-Home Mommy’ life. I was also able to start helping my husband with his General Contracting business by doing the books and office work. It was an ideal solution. I was home with my girls, helping the family business and available to my family.

As time passed, I slowly started to feel something missing. It felt as if I was losing myself; the part of me that was just Shawna. Not the Mommy, not the wife and not the family business. The part of me that had her own identity, wants needs and autonomy. Being a Stay-at-home Mom can be quite lonely, and even though I had a job, it was in the home and I wasn’t connecting with anyone other than my children. I was in the ‘Mom Zone.’ You know the place; when a successful day is one that you put a bra on and brush your teeth.

Getting out of the ‘Mom Zone’

While I was not intending to start a side business, one fell upon me. Buying a smudge-proof lipstick from a girlfriend who just started her own side gig, I ended up signing up to be a distributor; wanting no more than a personal discount. Once I made that decision to sign up, something clicked.

I thought, why not?

Why not share this casually with my friends and family? See what happens. And something did happen.

I found myself again.

I know It sounds silly that I’m attributing makeup to finding myself again, but in some way I do. It’s not the makeup per se. It’s the fact that I started paying attention to myself once more. I started reconnecting with old friends and making new friends.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve built up a consistent business and a team of amazing women. I find that consistency and authenticity has helped me get to where I am. Embracing the relationships around me, inspiring women to feel good about themselves and sharing my many foibles has not only helped me grow my connections, but it has helped me grow as a person. My business is not focused on just the retail aspect, it’s about helping women (and myself) embrace their inner beauty while exploring their outer beauty.