Summer vacation may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean Fempire Building stops. While the when, where and how we run our business changes over the summer, we don’t close up shop. Catch the replay as Samantha talks to She Succeeds 2018 Panellist, Mandy Kuelz of Mandy Kuelz – Norwex Independent Consultant, about keeping a positive, growth centred mindset through the summer chaos.

Our brains are our worst enemies most of the time, that’s why our mindset is so important. After 10 years of running a home based business, Mandy is sharing how she has kept her business rolling and still found time to enjoy the summer with the kids!



Key takeaways include:

  • How to ride the cycles of your business, and, yes, summer is one of them
  • Have an awareness that your business is going to be very different, and give yourself permission to be ok with that
  • Be realistic: Let go of the expectations that you have of your business during the school year to avoid setting yourself up for failure over the summer
  • Stay consistent by implementing routines. Routine is key for the kids (and for you)
  • Make a list and be prepared for the things that you NEED to do in your business
  • Work in 15 minute sections
  • Capture memories in something tangible, like a memory album, that your children can refer to when they’re starting to feel like you may be working more than spending time with them

See Mandy in person on the Fempire Builders Show panel at She Succeeds 2018. Get you tickets here.