At She Succeeds 2018, I, along with all of our other attendees, chose a word that would guide me through the following year. Instead of resolutions, which aren’t my thing, I love the idea of a simple word to focus on as I decided which actions to take over the course of the year.

The word I chose was SAMANTHA. After a lot of thought, I realized that I loved investing in my business and learning new things that would help me grow it, but I never spent time investing in myself. I focused on Samantha the Fempire Builder, but never just Samantha the woman. I avoided embracing my ‘Both;’ the business side of me AND the personal side of me.

How did I choose that word?

Feeling like I had plateaued in my business, I knew the blocks I was seeing and feeling weren’t from a lack of business skill set. I had the tools to grow my business. I know what needs doing. Something else was holding me back. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first, but. as I listened to the other Fempire Builders at She Succeeds talk about their word and how it would guide them in both business and life, it hit me. I wasn’t taking the time to listen and get to know personal Samantha.

Investing in me to grow my business

With my word chosen, I told my subconscious and the universe that I was ready to work on myself. With an origin story like mine, I knew there was a lot to work on so I needed them to help guide me on how to get started. And they did not disappoint. From Trame Vibrational Therapy to learning more about how the Moon Phases were affecting me to embracing a local women sharing circle, I found myself saying yes to new experiences and finding out more about myself as a result.

And while this journey will continue to go forward and deeper as time goes on, I found out something else about the power of investing in me. The more I worked on clearing up my crap and self-discovery, the more my business seemed to grow. The more actions I took to work on myself the more I found my business flourishing right along with me.

What am I doing about this realization?

I took the connection I was finding between bettering myself and my business levelling up to heart. I spent time reflecting on what that meant for me and for my business. How could I use what I found out to help the Fempire Builders community? To offer even more help to build the profitable businesses of their dreams?

We are going to become (with the help of some friends) a company that encourages, empowers and gives you opportunities to bring together your personal + professional development to embrace your business self + all of the areas of yourself to create a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose and soars to profitability as a result.⁠

Our mission is to give you the tools and skillset to manage your business to profitability with the personal development to clear up what’s been holding you back and get you taking action to level up…LONG. TERM.

I am so excited to be able to bring some friends together to honour what I’ve learned over the last 12 months through my own journey. I can’t wait to show our tribe the power in investing in yourself to grow your business faster and in the right directions.

Samantha King is a business strategist and mentor helping busy Fempire Builders like herself get on track in their business, identify and map out opportunities to level up and work with them to implement the systems and processes within their businesses that they need to make that growth happen.

While trying to answer the “now what?” question after her second child was born, Samantha created, a supportive community for female entrepreneurs across Canada to gain access to the tools + skillsets they need to create the profitable business of their dreams surrounded by like-minded women cheering them on!

By blogging, speaking, and leading trainings for female entrepreneurs, Samantha continues to work with the Fempire Builders community to grow and reach new heights, online and in-person.