Time to get organized for the fall and winter. While there is always things to do inside, this time of year usually means cleaning up your outdoor spaces before the winter season arrives. That means getting your backyard space cleared and making room for your car in the garage for the winter months.

And I am sharing my top tips to organize yourself in both!

Outdoor Space

When going through all of your outdoor furniture and décor and getting them ready for storage, take a good look at them while you are washing them down. Ask yourself:

  • Are they still in good condition?
  • Will this make it through another season?
  • Do I still like this?

Make decisions on what will be stored and what will be donated or thrown out. Be sure you have enough space plus a little bit more for all your décor in storage, as we tend to add to our collections each year. And, as always, use clear rubber containers to store. This will make it easy to store and keep the dust off.


If your garage is full of spring and summer gear, it is time to pack it all up and store it too. Get started by answering:

  • Where does all this stuff go?
  • Do you have room in the basement?
  • Room in the Shed?
  • Is there shelving in the garage where this can go?

Each living space is different, but remember the goal here is to make enough room for your car to fit in your garage for the winter months. When it comes to storage, think vertical. Also, use up all of your garage wall space with plastic, industrial shelving or grips/hooks to store brooms/shovels and so forth. This will create safe homes for your belongings by taking them off of the floor where they are likely to get disturbed.

Why bother organizing at all?

A messy space adds stress and anxiety to our daily lives. That is why it’s important to get on top of the clutter. And that includes taking the time to get organized for the fall and winter months. Just think how relieved you will be when do not have to clean it off in the mornings! How invigorating would it be to actually know where all of your things are. When we are organized on the outside, we have peace of mind on the inside.

Why not do this for yourself? You deserve it.

Stephanie comes to the professional organizing world with 20 years of social service work under her belt. She has worked with people from all walks of life and has the unique ability to help those with anxiety, depression, ADD/HD and emotional attachment, to declutter and get organized. Stephanie teaches her clients how to get organized and stay organized.