There are many layers to what we need to do on Facebook to build our business, to get more exposure and to draw people into our Business Pages. One of those layers is networking.

Most people will think of networking as something they do in-person (networking events/groups), as opposed to online, but this is a great way to extend what you are doing in-person, as well as allowing you to network with people whom you will never meet.

What you should be doing:

This can apply to your Personal Timeline/Profile, your News Feed (i.e. commenting on your connections’ posts) and participating in the different groups that are available to you. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Personal Timeline/Profile

  • Think about writing statuses that create engagement
    • Ask questions
    • Share photos of you that strategically have to do with your business
    • Posts about what your week is going to look like
  • Interact on any comments that people leave on your posts either through commenting (preferred choice) or Liking

News Feed

  • Take 15 minutes each day to scroll through your News Feed. Interact with other people’s posts, again, either by commenting or Liking. The IDEA here is to build meaningful relationships with your connection on their turf and terms.

Facebook Groups

  • Find three to five groups that you are going to network in each day
  • Add those groups to your Shortcuts tab found on the left-hand side of your “Home” tab
  • The KEY here is to find groups that have a networking element already applied to them by the administrators. You want to check the “About” section of each group and find the groups that use “topics/themes” each day to organize themselves, as these are the most valuable to you as the networker
  • EACH day, you want to go into these groups and scroll between five and 10 posts and interact where you feel appropriate to begin building relationships with other group members
  • EACH day, you want to write your own post that is based on the topic for the day to allow people to get to know and connect with you

Here’s a BONUS tip:

Pages Feed

On your ‘Home’ tab, down the left-hand side on your browser window and under the ‘Explore’ tab, you will see a “Pages Feed”. I encourage you to make this a part of your daily To-Do list on Facebook. Scroll through this feed and interact with other people’s business pages that you are following. This can be a Like or a comment.

The great thing about making these elements part of your daily routine is that when you interact, the other person will receive a notification. The more times they see your interaction by getting that notification, the more visibility it will bring to you and your business.

Take networking to a new level on Facebook, don’t just focus on selling your business, take the time to genuinely connect with others.