Recently, The Daily Goalcast released this video of me, which they created from a talk that I delivered in front of 250 people. Titled, “When You’re Told You’re Not Enough,” it has been viewed about three million times, which is still hard to believe.

How did this happen?

It started when a friend of mine asked me what types of exercises I would recommend for a board of directors to do in order to explore failure. This got me thinking about myself and when the last time I really failed was. I had a flashback to about 18 years ago when I was on stage at a Toronto Yuk Yuks BOMBING. Think complete crickets.

I became inspired to start swinging for the fence again and to start really putting myself out there. I decided to challenge myself to do at least one major thing each month that truly scares me. And by that I mean, activities that make me say “Oh crap, why did I agree to this?”

The first step

My first challenge was applying and being selected for a speaking completion, Speaker Slam, which led to me giving the talk that would later be distributed by The Daily Goalcast. I was so nervous before going on stage that it took everything in me not throw up all over the place (although that would have made a great story). Anytime we take risks and put ourselves out there, no matter what the results, it’s those actions that help us continue to build our confidence.

The night I was competing, I didn’t place in the top four, however, I met some incredible people. Some business opportunities even came from some of the people that I met that evening. And, of course, the viral video of me speaking was recorded.

When you get outside your comfort zone, you can’t lose.

Since going viral, I have been interviewed on CBC’s morning radio show, Metro Morning. I will be speaking at an upcoming women’s event and have been featured on several podcasts, including one hosted by a woman in Barcelona, Spain. The exposure for my business as a result of getting outside of my comfort zone has been HUGE.

What’s more, in addition to the opportunities that have opened up, I have heard from and connected with people around the world who have identified with my story.

I am still the same person. BUT…I’m now standing a little taller from the satisfaction and pride that I’ve generated from continuing to set difficult challenges for myself and actually doing them, regardless of the result. The results, like going viral, have just been an amazing bonus.

What about you?

Have you been playing it safe these days? When was the last time you wanted to puke because you were so nervous? I am enjoying the momentum my monthly challenges are creating and I encourage you to take a similar risk. Don’t overthink it. With enough time, we can talk ourselves out of anything, so just go for it. Your future-self will thank you. Even if it’s your future-self six months or years from now.