As women we wear many hats in our lives, from motherhood, sister, wife counselor, caregiver, manager, owner, creators and everything else in between; and yet we strive to be perfect in everything we do, why is that?

I know as a woman in business, wife, and mother, I used to fall into the trap of  ” If I don’t present well, what would the outside world think of me”? This would at times cripple me with the feeling that my IMPERFECTION would be frowned upon as a failure.

Perfection was something I strived for, in hopes that it would prove that I am worthy in the eyes of my peers, It would show that I was good enough to fit into a particular crowd while rewarding me validation from others.  I now realize that I couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it took me quite some time to break this mindset, I knew quickly that the more I focused on perfection and what others think, would hold me back from sharing my authentic self! After all, life happens and life itself it’s not perfect. 

We must also understand that professionalism does not mean your perfect, It says that you care enough about what you do and want to launch or present in the best way that you can…Not to impress for perfection or approval, but to share that you know your craft and know it WELL.

Author and Functional Life Coach, Mastin Kipp says..” We should focus on being of service in business, not perfection; that we need to go for it and not to overthink it. Just do it, do it messy & afraid”.   

The Benefit of Imperfection

Tina Fey says it best: “Don’t overthink it. It will never be perfect. Perfection is overrated”.

Imperfection allows us to become more creative during our thought process. It relieves the stress and allows you to work past your mistakes and grow from failure.. well at least for me it does. ☺ 

By making peace that you are not perfect, and it is a beautiful place to be. When we release the need to be perfect, it will make room for you to present yourself in your purest form while accepting the fact, that it is more than okay to be perfectly IMPERFECT, even in business. 

Steps To Break Away From Perfectionism: 

  1. Laugh more, everything does not have to be a big deal or production.
  2. Ask yourself  “What am I hoping to gain and WHO’s validation am I seeking?
  3. Stop worrying about your completion. “Comparison is the thief of all joy!
  4. Set boundaries, as we can’t avoid deadlines but you control how you will complete the assignment.
  5. Renew Your Mindset.  Replace the word competition with collaboration.  The simple thought of working with others for the greater good, feels a lot less stressful than feeling like you have to compete.
  6. Step aside. Sometimes we need to hit pause and look at the bigger picture. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself step two, if it is worth it proceed, if it is not, well that could simply mean it may be time for a change of plans.

MariaMichelle’lee is a sought after Inspirational Speaker who fully embraces the power of story to motivate, inspire and transform the lives of others.

Combining her personal life experience, with over ten years of empowering others, Maria is best known for her ability to boost women out of their self-doubting beliefs, and challenge them to regain their power within, and push to greatness. As a Mirror Work Coach, MariaMichell’lee is a powerhouse encouraging women to speak their truth from the inside out.

When Maria is not travelling for work, you will find her enjoying family time with her husband and High School Sweetheart of over 20 years, and their three amazing children, Rashaun, Soraya, and Kaemon.