You’ve been using Instagram because you were either attracted to all of the inspirational, beautiful images shared on the platform OR because someone told you should be on Instagram for your business. BUT, have you been using Instagram Stories?

Am I right?

And now you’re seeing all of these Instagram Stories showing up and hearing all of the hype about Instagram Stories. Yes? Did you know that Instagram Stories have only been been around for two years? AND Instagram is constantly launching new features, so it is difficult to keep up with the changing trends.

I’ve got your back…let me explain what Instagram Stories are and how they can help you build your business.

Instagram Stories Basics:

You can share photos, graphics and 10-second video clips. It is essentially a “moving feed” that flows from slide to slide in 10-second increments. There are many unique and fun elements to Instagram Stories, however, the basic ones are photos and videos. You can take photos or videos OR you can add previously recorded images and videos. AND what makes these stories extra unique is that they are only live for 24 hours!

There are filters, stickers, GIFs and even interactive polls and questions available to you, but I digress. Those aren’t the basics, are they?

Why Instagram Stories for Your Business?

The beautiful thing about Instagram Stories is that it gives business owners a platform to be more raw, real and relatable (hey, look at that, just like Fempire Builders!). It can be used as an opportunity to share more “in the moment” captures of behind the scenes, the day to day of your business and your life as an entrepreneur. After all, you are the face of your brand! Because of its design, Instagram Stories can also be a great tool to use in order to be more light and fun within your brand.

More and more people are using Instagram Stories every day.

That should be reason enough for you to hop on board! To be seen and heard by your ideal clients.

Being active and present regularly on Instagram Stories means that you gain the potential of being discovered more in the Instagram algorithm (UGH….yes, there’s that word algorithm again).

Instagram STORY is called a story for a reason.

Some of the best, most engaging Instagram Stories do just that, tell a story. Whether it’s a story of your day, an event, production of a new product or launch of a new campaign, there are so many fun and unique ways to share your story on this popular platform. You don’t have to post a story that is cohesive all the time, however, I encourage you to play with it and feel the power of a good STORY.

Strategy-wise, your planning needs to accommodate for CONSISTENCY. If you post multiple stories each day, your followers will begin to expect that from you. If posting only a few times each week is more realistic for you, that is great. Stick to it. Be mindful, as well, that when you string too many stories together in one 24 hour period, there is the potential for your followers to get annoyed and mute you. When planning out your posting strategy, be sure to take this into consideration.

➠➠CLICK on the image below to see an example of one of my recent Instagram Stories

Note: This is a sped-up version of the actual series of stories on my account


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