I constantly hear stories from other Fempire Builders of disillusion after hiring a professional to help them with their business. Sometimes the issue was feelings of not getting what they thought they would for their investment. Other times it was that the professional didn’t end up being the good fit they thought they would be.

I write this post to these Fempire Builders AND to the professionals who would like to be hired by them.

An unpopular thought rooted in my conversations with potential clients

My experience has been that these feelings often come out of some of the more saturated industries, including my own. There are a TON of options for your business when it comes to professionals like virtual assistants and social media managers. There are just as many people calling themselves coaches/consultants and strategists out there.

As with any industry, saturated or not, there is always a handful that ruins it for the bunch.

And the bunch will be the first to tell you that!

There’s always the handful that thinks, “This is easy. I can do that.” While everyone has to start somewhere, what’s NOT okay is charging for or promising the results that only come with tangible experience. Be upfront with your prospective clients and charge rates that reflect your level of expertise. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting someone know that you are just starting out professionally and the lower rates you’re charging them are introductory and subject to change with time.

And with all of these choices how can Fempire Builders feel confident in their choice?

I always recommend that any prospective client vet me and what I have to offer the same way they would choose a babysitter for children and/or furbabies. By putting them through a formal interview process. Here’s what that entails:

  1. Start with reading up on my experience, my WHY, and testimonials from clients that I have worked with via my website. If these things aren’t listed somewhere in their digital presence, I’m going to move on – and FAST!
  2. If you’re happy with what you see on my website, then I recommend moving onto getting to know me better. One way to do that is to sign-up for my email list. Whether it’s a free offer situation or just an opportunity to get on the list, the idea here is to connect in an easily consumable way for you that allows you assess what I have to offer and whether or not it resonates with you.
  3. If you’ve been watching me from a distance and feel connected, it’s time to schedule a chat. Let me get to know you and your needs. To prepare for the call, I want you to have a list of interview questions at the ready detailing, VERY SPECIFICALLY, what you are looking to get out of our relationship. Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat here!
  4. While you’ve still go your interviewer hat on, it’s time to check references! I encourage any prospective client of mine to reach out and speak to clients and past clients alike about their experience with me and what they felt they got out of our time together.

Nothing is ever guaranteed

Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof way to hire a professional. Nothing in life is guaranteed. We both know that. BUT, by working these four steps, you can do two things. First, you can make an informed decision with all the facts in front of you. And second, you know that you’ve done your due diligence to the best of your abilities, and both of those are HUGE!

That always gives me confidence when I use this process in my own business.