We all know that we need to make time for social media, and Facebook is one of the biggest platforms out there.

However, as a business owner, a mom and a wife, finding the time to work social media can definitely be a task that can get left undone. But with social media continuously growing, WE HAVE TO find a way to embrace it, fit it into our day-to-day tasks, and get our messages out to our followers and target market.

Wait. Another thing to add to the mix? What?!?!?!

Juggling so many elements in our everyday life is what us Moms are really good at, right?


It is time for us to fit the world of Facebook into our days to help our business grow and reach the goals we have set for it this year. How, you ask?

Scheduling 60 minutes in your calendar each day, Monday to Friday, needs to happen and is the first step. I recommend committing to doing the work first thing in the morning before your day even starts, so there is a less likely chance it will get bumped for something else.

Next, you need to put together a plan of what you are going to do each day during that hour you have set aside to do it in.

REMEMBER: If we don’t do the work, we can’t grow.

What goes into that plan, you ask? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

There are four main areas of tasks that you want to accomplish in that hour:

  1. Business Page
  2. Personal Timeline
  3. Groups
  4. Extra Tasks

** In addition to walking you through each of these areas below, please be sure to checkout FREE Downloadable Checklist I have provided for you at the end of this article **

1. Your Business Page

First off, let me start with the BEST news I can give you:  You can now schedule your posts on your business page! What this ultimately means for is that you could do your ENTIRE week’s posts all on a Sunday night after the kids go to bed.

In that schedule, you want to provide a variety of elements for posts, as you don’t want to get caught up in only trying to sell your product/services. Here are my go to’s:

  • Behind-the-Scenes and your Personality ➔ Meetings you are attending, awards you are earning, visuals of you with a quote, your personal thoughts and insights
  • Articles ➔ Visit Google and look for articles that compliment your business, things that you are teaching your clients, or represents your learning or things your clients are likely to be wanting to learn about
  • Questions ➔ Ask questions that are easy to answer on the go (i.e. have people pick A,B,C as options) or a question that helps you to get to know your audience
  • Videos ➔ Facebook is REALLY BIG on pushing out videos that we create and post, so think about doing 2-3 minute videos that teach, inspire, demonstrate, or collaborates (i.e. interviews of people relevant to your audience)
  • Humour ➔ Use sites like https://imgflip.com/memetemplates to create funny memes that will give your audience a quick laugh or pick me up
  • Business Posts ➔ Feature your product/service, offer your business opportunity or let Hostesses know about all the great things you are ready to spoil them with

2. Your Personal Timeline

  • Post at least once per day
  • Do strategic posts that talk about what your day/week is going to be like and include a mixture of business and personal elements
  • Share other Business Owner’s posts onto your personal timeline
  • Humour (see above)
  • Quotes
  • Selfies
  • Networking pictures (i.e. while at events and one-to-one meetings)

3. Groups

** Make sure you check the rules for each group so you know what is allowed and what isn’t **

  • Find three main groups that you are going to interact within on a daily basis
  • Visit these groups each morning, as part of your hour, and scroll through five to 10 posts on the Group Wall, and interact where you feel you can contribute something
  • Ask questions
  • Share tips
  • Promote your business as allowed by sharing your Business Page posts straight from your Business Page

4. Extra Tasks

  • Visit other Business Pages and interact on their posts

(TIP: If you are doing this from your Desktop, on your “home” tab, look down the left for the tab “Pages Feed” and click on it. This will allow for quick access for interaction)

  • Scroll through your News Feed and interact on your Friends’ posts

Ultimately, you want to take these tasks and break them down within your daily 60 minute slot to account for the total minutes you will spend on each one WITHOUT GOING OVER YOUR 60 MINUTES.

If, even with your broken down road map, you can’t accomplish it in an hour, that means you are letting the “squirrels” in. You’ve got to focus and stick to this list in order for you to get what your business needs out of Facebook. The good news is that: As you do this list, consistently, you will find that it may take you less than an hour to accomplish as habit sets in, so you can then free up time to add additional tasks to your list.

If you would like to download my FREE Daily Checklist, click HERE.