Three years ago, almost to the day I met my now business partner. I had a six month old and she a 10 month old. We both were on maternity leave from jobs we had in downtown Toronto. I had just moved to Aurora from Toronto and was so happy to have a group of four other women who I could drink coffee with and discuss our new lives as mothers. I didn’t know at the time that one of these women, Anne-Marie, would become more than a friend, but, three years later, I would actually make the leap into entrepreneurship with her! But how did we get there?

Maternity leave ended for the both of us, and back to work in Toronto we went. It was a struggle. It was hard! But I honestly don’t think there is a scenario where going back to work after a baby is ever super easy either. It is all about doing what is going to make you the happiest and able to be as close to that sweet spot of your ideal work/life harmony as you can get. If anyone has reached that perfect sweet spot, please tell me your secret!!

In the back of mind, through all my years working I had always thought, as most do, how amazing it would be to be my own boss. This time last year, Anne-Marie and I decided it was time to make a change. Our second babies were both seven and eight months old and we just felt like it was now or never. If we waited any longer, we wouldn’t do it. It was time to make the leap to be our own bosses; mompreneurs!

It has been a whirlwind of a year. We officially launched in February of 2017 and we have had some exciting jump up and down moments and then the opposite where we question things. But the best idea was doing it together. Like everyone else, we have those moments of thinking, “Wow, what did we get ourselves into?!?” but together we push out of those moments and come out even better and stronger!

Nobody said starting your own business from scratch while having two small kids and a husband working crazy hours was easy, did they? Having a balance is incredibly difficult, and sometimes things slip. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]You alternate from being mom of the year to a hot mess pretty quickly. But no one is perfect, and you have to just remind yourself that when your kids are a year old and three years old, you are pretty darn perfect to them.[/inlinetweet]

One thing I can say, is the support you get as a female entrepreneur and mompreneur is incredible. So far on our journey, we have been lucky to have met women who want to support us and in turn we want to support them. Finding that kind of group is so important in this life and just an amazing feeling when you have so much support behind you. Maybe you don’t have a formal business partner like we do, but there are some amazing women’s networking groups around like The Business Women’s Network of York Region who are so supportive and welcoming to all that join. We joined our local Chamber of Commerce and have met some amazing people that way who have either helped with referrals or just become great support systems. Lastly, we attended a great symposium earlier this year and probably met our biggest supporters right there. Seeking out these groups and events is how we have begun and continue to build our amazing support system. I can’t stress the importance of this!

I cannot wait to see what happens in the next couple of years as we watch our business and children grow filled with pride in the knowledge that we did what we wanted to do for ourselves and our families.