So you know what you are selling and promoting for 2019. Your calendar and goals are in order…that’s great! Now what? You may have a global marketing plan for the year, however, we also recommend a 90-day marketing plan when possible as well as an individual marketing campaign for each product or service launch.

What better time to get started on this than today. Your plan may require tweaking later on, and that’s ok. Just know how important it is to plan this out ahead of time. Why? Not only will you feel more organized, but you will also be able to advertise with intention and be able to measure and compare your results.

When you carve out time to revamp your marketing plan and build a strategy that will work for you, you will often discover a burst of creative energy that helps you to also connect with your content strategy.

Creating a marketing campaign for a specific product/service requires the following steps:

1) Assessing what you have done in the past.
2) Discovering the unique selling proposition for that product/service.
3) Defining your target market for that product/service.
4) Solidify the positioning of this product/service.
5) Brainstorming your marketing methods.
6) Create a plan.
7) Implement the plan.
8) Evaluate the results.

Many small businesses are relying on the online space for their primary source of advertising, sales and marketing their events, products and services. This is understandable because “everyone” is online these days. However, there is also a key component that is missing when we rely on the virtual sales process.

To learn what that essential key component is and how to compensate for it, join us on Thursday January 10th for an online training. We will dive into your marketing plan for 2019, discuss the steps to a successful marketing campaign when launching a new product/service AND of course, discuss the missing key component and different ways that you can accommodate for it in your plan.

Sales and Marketing Plan