We are about to embark on a new decade and many of us entrepreneurs and business owners are feeling the possibilities that 2020 can bring for our business. Why not consider setting yourself an intentional goal with heart?

Think about who your business impacts and how that impact is accomplished.

Next, set yourself a goal surrounding that impact. Perhaps it is measurable in a way other than a financial goal (which, don’t get me wrong, is important too). When I started setting heart-centered goals first, I began to feel more in alignment with my business and serving with purpose.

Ok, now back to marketing…

When it comes to introducing or re-introducing your audience to a service or product, consider this three-step process as part of your marketing prep:

  1. Awareness
  2. Positioning
  3. Offer

We can go much more in-depth than this, but starting with these three steps will set you up for success as you begin your marketing prep for 2020.

First, start with awareness. Whatever problem you are solving or inspiration you are creating, bring it to the forefront of your clients’ minds. Meet your audience where they are at in their journey.

Next, you want to ensure that you determine what positioning needs to occur in order to set the stage for the offer.

And finally, while continuing to offer valuable content, you want to make the offer or ask for the sale.

This is a simplified version of the process, however, you get the idea.

Learn how you can get positioned and organized to meet those 2020 goals!