One of the things I missed most when I left corporate to start my own business was brainstorming with my colleagues. I am someone who needs to talk through ideas. It’s how I process my thoughts…and it’s even better when I’m not talking to myself.

Homeschool Mom and Fempire Builder

You see, I’m a homeschool mom, who is also building a business. As a result, I don’t get a lot of adult conversation day-to-day. My two children, ages seven and two and a half, are wonderful, funny and smart, but they can’t help me evaluate whether an idea is going to move my business forward or if I will just end up spinning my wheels on it.

My husband, who is supportive and hands-on in most areas of our life together, is not an entrepreneur. He tries his best to act as the sounding board I need when I am trying to figure out which image will speak to my ideal client for our next blog post or whether the sales copy in my Facebook ad will connect meaningfully with that same ideal client, but he is not a busy boss-mom (my ideal client) nor is he in the sales and marketing world.

To say the least, this made figuring out how to take my business to the next level very difficult.

What was a Fempire Builder to do?

Just as much as I needed a sounding board of like-minded people who understood my challenges and could help me see the way through them, I also needed a second set of eyes who knew me and my entrepreneur lifestyle well enough to provide constructive feedback and helpful insights as I go along the road to building my fempire.

I also needed more accountability. While trying to balance homeschool lessons, speaking engagements, and blogging deadlines (oh and trying to find some time for self-care), it’s easy to lose sight of the goals that were set with the intention of moving my business forward. Sometimes there are so many things vying for my attention each day that it is easy to get caught up working IN my business (and IN my life) instead of working ON my business.

My business soared to all new heights when I found masterminding

When I was introduced to masterminding, I found the sounding board and second set of eyes I was craving. I FINALLY had the accountability this Accountability Coach tells her own clients to have in place. But I found SO. MUCH. MORE. THAN. THAT.

I found a group of supportive women who met in a motivating environment to empower each other to take our businesses to next level while working towards the work/life harmony we were all craving. Surrounded by this group of driven and encouraging women, I was FINALLY able to nail down my plan for my business and had the courage to take it in the direction that, deep down, I had always wanted for it.

Without my mastermind group, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my business. They have also become a close group of friends that I can go to with things I need to talk through outside of my business life. But the thing that I am MOST GRATEFUL FOR is the personal growth these women have guided me to.

I just can’t say enough good things about masterminding and how powerful it’s been for me.

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