I became a stay at home Mom by choice. Becoming a work at home Mom happened by choice as well, just a few years later. Leaving the workforce to raise my family was both a choice and a privilege that I am grateful for. At the time, I had no idea what the decision to stay home with my kids would mean for me personally.

While I felt grateful for the experience and I loved the opportunity to be there for my kids 24-7, what came next was unexpected.

I lost myself.

I found myself feeling like I had lost my identity: many days questioning whether I had a purpose outside of being a wife and Mom. It was a very slippery slope.

One thing led to another and I found myself looking for opportunities to connect with other Moms. For me, this happened naturally online when I started my Mommy blog, Multi-Testing Mommy.

Doing something for myself was the best thing that I could have done. Little did I know, this connection with other Moms would lead me to a business where I had the freedom of working from my own home. AND as an added bonus: on my own time. A business that I could work on as much or as little as time allowed or I wanted.

Over the past few years, I have experienced the ups and downs of working from home. My work at home job has also branched out to include a business with Norwex and my own business consulting company, Digital Girl Consulting.

Being a work at home mom comes with pros and cons. It is also important to note that working at home is not for everyone! I know many women who have a career outside of the home and a beautifully functioning and happy family too.

Here are the main pros and cons of being a work at home Mom from my point of view:

PROS of Working At Home

  • have control of your work schedule
  • can be home when your kids are sick or have appointments
  • can volunteer and be involved at the kids’ school to go on trips etc.
  • have a consistent before and after school routine

CONS of Working At Home

  • when kids are home (e.g. after school, sick or PA Days) and there are deadlines, you definitely learn how to juggle
  • you must learn how to draw boundaries (which can also be a pro) and teach your children when they can and cannot interrupt you
  • you get easily get distracted
  • home chores can easily get neglected (or perhaps this would happen regardless)
  • it can get lonely, so it is important to look for opportunities to get out of the house to network etc.

Overall, working from home has given me the freedom to control my schedule, to be at home for my children when I need or want to be, to manage the household (with the exception of the laundry) and to grow personally with endless possibilities.

Do you work from home or wish that you did? What would the biggest PRO be for you if you could (or if you currently do work from home)?